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Hefei started the birth defect population monitoring department of Anhui Province, the first for the city’s population monitoring in 2015, Hefei every ten thousand births, with 104 child has congenital defects, congenital heart disease, multi finger (toe) and external ear malformation in birth defects before three. Reporters learned yesterday from Hefei Maternal and Child Health-Care Center, Hefei officially launched the birth defects crowd monitoring project, is the first monitoring of the city’s population in Anhui province. From July to September this year, Hefei city selected the Baohe district and Chaohu city as the first pilot area monitoring project, through the project pilot monitoring in the implementation process of the discovered problems and improve the project implementation plan, the project will be in October in all districts of the city and the full implementation of development zone. In 2015, 1064 cases of perinatal birth defects were reported in Hefei, the number of perinatal infants was about 102212, and the incidence of birth defects was about 1 million 41 thousand. The incidence of congenital heart disease, multi finger (toe), and other external ear malformations were 324 thousand and 800, 120 thousand and 300, and 90 thousand, respectively. The birth defects monitoring in our country has been using the hospital based monitoring method since 1986. But because of the large differences in the rate of hospital delivery, the monitoring results obtained have certain limitations; and population-based surveillance of birth defects can be understood comprehensively in a certain region of birth defects. Cai Heng Gao Hang reporter Li Wanting original title: Hefei birth defects monitoring相关的主题文章:

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