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His ex-wife sued her ex husband demanded rent judge: support – Beijing, northeast news network September 29th and the two sides agreed to a divorce within four years, if there are no children, maybe they won’t have to do this. For many people who divorce, forget the past is a good thing, but there is such a couple Dongfeng Village, the divorce agreement for nearly a year, his ex-wife and her ex husband to court. September 27th, the reporter in the Saertu District People’s court, to understand the case. Divorce agreement to pay rent 10 years ago, Wang Li (a pseudonym) and Zhao Yu (a pseudonym), after a friend introduced acquaintance. Two years later, they married. Zhao Yu had a marriage, and have a son, when they married, Zhao Yu’s son in the field, and did not live with them. After marriage, husband and wife Xiangjingrubin, has no big contradiction, until the son of Zhao Yu. After more than a year, the son of Zhao Yu from the field to Zhao Yu. The two world suddenly a lot of people, Wang Li and Zhao Yu calm life was disrupted. Because there was no son and Zhao Yu get along, living together in the time, the three had a lot of contradictions. More and more contradictions, Wang Li and Zhao Yu feel their marriage life, it is difficult to continue. In October last year, Zhao Yu and Wang Li to the Civil Affairs Bureau agreement divorce. Because Wang Li does not have a house, in the divorce agreement, Zhao Yu active commitment after the divorce, he is willing to pay 600 yuan per month rent money until Wang Li, Wang Li remarried so far. For this commitment, was also written into the divorce agreement. Divorce his ex-wife divorced her husband Zhao Yu kick in the first half of a month, according to the agreement, to Wang Li 600 yuan of rental housing available from May this year, Zhao Yu suddenly stopped paying rent. To this end, Wang Li looking for Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu ignored. In desperation, Wang Li ex husband, Zhao Yu, on the court. Wang Li said that the original two people conjugal relations, the two sides in 2015 in the Bureau of Civil Affairs divorce agreement, the two sides in the "divorce agreement" of the property deal were agreed: "the man to pay 600 yuan a month rent, if the woman to remarry, the man stopped paying." Because the defendant in May 2016, no longer pay the money, so the woman asked the defendant, in accordance with the divorce agreement, the agreement content. Saertu District People’s court after the verdict: defendant Zhao Yu, 25 days before the month, the payment of rental housing for the entire $600, paid to May 2020 only. If the performance of the period specified in the judgment is not fulfilled, the interest on the debt during the delay of performance shall be paid in accordance with the relevant provisions of the civil procedure law. Judge said why divorce has to take care of his ex-wife court, Zhao Yu said he was signed agreement, not out of voluntary. But the court held that the defendant Zhao Yu did not submit to the court evidence to be confirmed, have not submitted to the court the deterioration of the economic situation of the evidence, therefore, the hospital on the defendant’s excuse, inadmissible. Two people have been divorced, why her ex husband in the economy to take care of his ex-wife, which, to hear the case.相关的主题文章:

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