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Home-Improvement A hole in the wall can arise from many different situations. Most of them involve stupid, adolescent boys throwing each other into said walls. This usually results in a panicked, covert operation to fix the wall, most likely involving duct tape and wallpaper swatches. While that is a remarkably stupid way to try and fix the wall, youll be surprised at how easy fixing a hole in drywall can actually be. A trip to the hardware store, or your dads tool shed, can really save your ass. What is it? Hole repair will oftentimes refer to repairing a hole made in drywall, which is the material most .monly used in household walls. You always have the option of contacting a painting and decorating contractor, who, besides specializing in drywall repair, will usually have skills related to wallpaper hanging, wood staining, and painting. It may be worth your while to go with a contractor if youre dealing with a rather large hole (like, if you can stick your head through it). But, smaller holes can fixed in a variety of different ways on your own time. Nowadays, you have the option of purchasing metal mesh repair patches which are designed to cover up small holes made in drywall. Basically, youll measure the hole, buy an appropriately sized metal patch to correspond with the hole, and then peel and stick the patch to the wall. From there youll need some sort of wallboard joint .pound which should be spread, ideally with a wallboard taping knife, in two to three layers over the patch. After it dries, sand the area with a sanding block or drywall sanding screen. Once the area is smooth to your satisfaction, prime the repaired area and paint using a roller. Another solution to hole repair would be using metal clips, which allow you to screw a squared piece of drywall patch into the hole. This will prevent you from having to cut the drywall all the way back to the studs. Of course, that is always an option too, and generally results in the strongest repair. However, cutting the drywall back to the studs is a longer process than the previous two and actually involves making the hole wider before repairing it. Who needs it? Are you a real hothead who drinks High Life in the basement and mutters curse words while thinking of you ex-girlfriend or lacrosse coach? If so, chances are youll be punching a few holes in the wall. If I were you, Id purchase a Home Depot credit card (unless youre best friends with a decorating contractor- probably not). Also, if youre throwing a party while your parents are away, be cognizant of the fact that no one (not even your closest friends) will respect your house. Holes will be made (and your parents bottle of expensive wine will be poured over some girls head). If you dont see yourself in those two categories, remember, accidents happen. No one is safe from potentially causing a hole in the wall. Youre all accountable! Benefits With the advent of metal mesh repair patches, hole repair has be.e a whole lot easier to manage. It is by far the quickest way to repair a hole, with metal clips being the second fastest solution. There are also many hole repair fix-it kits on the market that are relatively cheaper than the cost of hiring a contractor. Risks While metal patches are the simplest way to fix a hole, it should be noted that it is not a replacement for drywall. Therefore, its an aesthetic solution, so be conscious of the fact that if your mom tries to hang a picture in the spot where the patch is, youll have some explaining to do. Be aware that though metal patches and metal clips are the quickest solutions, they are not the sturdiest alternatives. It should also be noted that when using metal patches, do not substitute spackle for a wallboard joint .pound, as they are not quite the same. Spackle is thicker and will not spread easily, which will result in a poor repair job. The bottom line With small holes, it may be worth it to try and circumvent contractors fees by doing a little handiwork of your own. Just be aware, this will involve the use of some specialized tools and products, which may or may not be cheap themselves. It really depends on what the situation is. But one thing is for sure- if youre a dumbass kid trying to hide a hole from the folks, shoot for the metal patches. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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