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Finance There are a number of options available to a homeowner seeking finance to .plete a renovation project even if there is a small need for a few thousand dollars to a much larger need. A mortgage refinance may need to be .pleted to ac.plish your construction goals. There are, however, many avenues of home finance open that can be considered. There is Gold in Your Home Consider using the value that has built up in your home to fund any renovations wanted through an equity loan. The amount you may qualify to borrow will be subject to the difference between what you presently owe and what the property is now worth. A ne valuation must be .pleted, but typically, if you meet the additional borrowing criteria you will more than likely qualify for 80 percent of the property value. This could be a substantial amount depending on how long you have been making repayments and just how much property values in the area have risen. How Do I Access My Equity? The most .mon method to access home equity is through mortgage refinancing. This will supply you with the necessary money to fund a renovation project. Also, you could use money through an equity loan for other property investment. An equity loan is typically offered as a line of credit with an account set up where you can withdraw money up to a certain limit. You might be able to draw down the loan in a lump sum. A line of credit is usually an interest-only loan where you may still be able to capitalize the interest payments. However, interest payments are generally higher than a standard home refinance loan. Top it Up to Gain Funding Another popular form using equity for home finance is to obtain a loan top-up. This will allow a homeowner to increase the credit of an existing loan based on the equity build up. A top-up to an existing home loan avoids the expenses incurred when taking out a new mortgage. Unlike an equity line, a set top-up amount is created. So, if more funds are needed, a new top-up loan has to be approved. Also, there is normally a minimum amount borrowed, usually $10,000. Major Renovation Requires Different Financing If the property renovation is substantial in the $100,000 or up range than a different finance vehicle is necessary in the form of a renovation/construction loan. The loan is designed to make payments for a major renovation or substantial construction in stages as opposed to one lump sum which is typical in a standard home loan. These types of finance vehicles provide funding that allows for the lowest repayments throughout the construction period. Interest is paid on the portion that is drawn upon or paid out during each construction stage. As each construction stage is .pleted, your contractor will bill you for the work .pleted. In turn, you will submit instruction to your lender authorizing the payment. The lender only charges you on the funds withdrawn, so your minimum payment will change with each construction stage .pleted. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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