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Hongkong and the double murder being classified as "murder" always a mystery – the truth or Beijing, Beijing, February 13, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" report, Hongkong eight Heung Xie Wu Cun and India Commission nine years paralyzed the hostess both dead village house bizarre murder, yesterday of a breakthrough, the police according to the laboratory division and fire department investigation report, after nearly two weeks after thorough investigation to grasp the new clues, yesterday will case re classified as "murder", "Dutch act" and "arson". The news that someone India Commission for debt, and will return after the expiry of the original, but the hostess urged family has continued the New Testament, and promised to take care of her mother-in-law "hundred years old". The suspect was in debt, but also face the heavy responsibility of long term care paralyzed the hostess, involved with the lighter in the bed room arson, end with her mother die, but in the case of two victims have been killed, the murder motive or always a mystery. The two deaths in the case were 96 year old woman Chen Shuilian and her 36 year old Indonesia native Ayumi. Police reported that two of the dead were confirmed to have been fatal after inhaling smoke. The chemist and the fire department went through the double murder scene, found the house all electrical installations and electrical appliances are not damaged, has ruled out the fire and power facilities. But in the room to check a lighter, believed to be the sole source of fire, and the source of fire for the mother-in-law’s medical bed, but she paralyzed long-term bedridden, unable to spark, the only reasonable explanation is that the printer lit the bed with a lighter, arson fire. After the incident, the police contacted the maid’s relatives and friends, and learned that the family of the printer was all normal, and nothing could lead to her suicide. In addition, the mother’s family disclosed that the maid contract expired in April this year, and then she will return home to reunite with her family, no longer contract. But by the urging of her mother’s family, the maid finally promised to renew the New Testament, and returned to Hong Kong after her family visit and continued to take care of her mother-in-law until she was a hundred years old". Another source said the Indian Commission in Hong Kong under heavy debt, the monthly repayment to be amounted to 7000 yuan to 8000 yuan (HK $), more than two times the monthly salary. The message said, do not rule out people reluctant to renew, feeling difficult to continue to face heavy responsibility to take care of her mother-in-law, coupled with the debt problem, someone suddenly lit her with a lighter medical bed mattress in the middle of the night, a lot of smoke coming out the fire caused two people the same? Halo, then head two burns, because the results of both lethal smoke inhalation. But in the case of both were killed and the real motives for arson, India Commission has been hard to prove, the truth is always a mystery. And the double murder last month to 30 in the morning about 9:42 whistle, the police received a 57 year old woman reported that the 96 year old, surnamed Chen mother locked in eight Heung Xie Wu Cun village house. Police officers arrived at the scene, into the house and expose Chen mother from Indonesia domestic helper Ayumi (36 years old) both lying inside the bedroom, two people confirmed dead on the spot, the body burns traces, the bed has been burned, the fire was believed to be of suspicious origin, Yuen Long District crime squad, once thought that no criminal elements, but by tracing after about half a month, eventually change as "murder", "Dutch act" and "arson case.

香港主仆双尸案改列“谋杀” 真相或永远成谜-中新网   中新网2月13日电 据香港《文汇报》报道,香港八乡锦上路谢屋村印佣与九旬瘫痪女主人离奇双双陈尸村屋命案,昨有突破性进展,警方根据港府化验师和消防处调查报告,经近两周深入调查后掌握新线索,昨将案改列作“谋杀”、“自杀”及“纵火”处理。   消息称,涉事印佣因欠债,且原本约满后便返乡,但在女主人家人力劝下已续新约,并承诺会照顾婆婆至“百年归老”。疑有人不堪欠债,又要面对长期照顾瘫痪女主人的沉重责任,涉用打火机在睡房内纵火,终与婆婆同归于尽,但因案中两名事主均已丧命,命案真正动机或永远成谜。   案中两名死者分别是96岁老妇陈水莲,及其36岁印度尼西亚籍家佣Ayumi。警方消息称,验尸后证实两名死者均因吸入浓烟致命。案发后化验师及消防处细查双尸案现场后,发觉屋内一切电力装置及电器均没有损毁,已排除火警与电力设施有关。但在房内检获一个打火机,相信是唯一火种源头,而起火源头为婆婆的医疗床,但她却瘫痪长期卧床,无法打火,唯一合理解释是印佣用打火机点燃医疗床纵火引发火警。   案发后警方联络过女佣家乡亲友,获知印佣的家庭一切正常,没有任何事情会导致她有轻生念头。另外,婆婆的家人透露,女佣合约原于今年4月届满,之后她会返乡与家人团聚,不再续约。但经婆婆家人力劝下,女佣终答应再续新约,并答允回乡探亲后回港继续照顾婆婆,直至她“百年归老”。   另有消息称印佣在港欠下沉重债项,每月须还款达7000元至8000元(港元),超逾其月薪两倍。   消息称,不排除有人勉为其难续约后,感难以继续面对照顾婆婆的沉重责任,加上受欠债困扰,有人突在半夜用打火机点燃婆婆的医疗床,床褥失火冒出大量浓烟致两人同告?晕,火头再将两人烧伤,结果双双因吸入浓烟致死。但因案中主仆两人均告丧生,印佣纵火的真正动机已难证实,真相可能永远成谜。   主仆双尸案于上月30日早上约9时42分揭发,当日警方接获一名57岁女子报案,指发现其96岁姓陈母亲反锁在八乡锦上路谢屋村的村屋内。警方接报到场,入屋揭发陈婆婆与印度尼西亚籍家佣Ayumi(36岁)双双倒卧睡房内,当场证实死亡,两人身体均有烧伤痕迹,床铺亦曾烧过,消防相信火警有可疑,元朗警区重案组接手调查后,一度认为无刑事成分,但经约半个月追查后,终改列作“谋杀”、“自杀”及“纵火”案。相关的主题文章:

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