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Travel-and-Leisure Rajasthan is an enchanting place that adds exquisite value to the rich diversity of India. The most prominent features in Rajasthan, apart from its desert, are its wide variety of wild life and flowers as also the vibrant colorful lifestyles of its local people. This unique feature has made Rajasthan one of the hottest destinations to the international tourists. Rajasthan tours thus are a must for any and every people who are visiting India. While Rajasthan travel, one can experience the ultimate Indian hospitality as the hotels in Rajasthan are among the best hotels in India. The state of Rajasthan is a fascinating place to visit. One can be continuously charmed by the beauty of a peacock on the roadside displaying its colorful feathers and the thrilling camel ride across the desert. Even within Rajasthan there are several local cultures that vary from each other in their traditional costumes and music and lifestyles. This is a great attraction for all tourists. One of the main attractions in Rajasthan is the three historical cities that still stand as little wonders created in the midst of vast sand dunes. These are Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and the Bikaner that remains as an exotic example of historical splendor standing along side modern marvels of a city. At the same time, there are several fascinating hotels in Rajasthan that offer a visitor a .plete experience of Indian hospitality. The land of Rajasthan in contrast to its barren colorless landmass offers a population that displays a vibrant colorful culture that leaves a visitor spellbound. Some of its distinct features can be experienced in its rich performances of a Ghoomar dance that originated in Udaipur and the Kalbeliya dance that is unique in Jaisalmer. These two dance forms have earned international fame. Rajasthani folk music is also famed for its serene musical quality and can be a great attraction for every tourist who visits the place. There are several hotels in Rajasthan that provides international quality of services. The online site offers a large information base on the quality standards and other details abut these hotels. In fact the concept of "Grand Heritage Hotels and Palace Resorts" was first introduced in Rajasthan. The project transformed most of the real estates that with stood the forces of time and retained their architectural splendors, into heritage hotels. This way they managed to generate the maintenance cost for these large palaces and turned them into a source of in.e for the .mon people. Rajasthan can boast of having the maximum number of hotels .pared to any other states in India. Hotels in Rajasthan offer an amazing variety to the visitors in terms of culture and tradition. They have taken up the culture of the royal services that used to adorn the courts of kings and queens and princes in ancient Rajasthan. Hotels In Rajasthan have holiday packages that offer visits to the prominent cities of Udaipur, Gajner , Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur,and Jaisalmer that was once part of the royal legacies of Rajasthan. So, log on to t2india.. and book your package today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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