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How do the old children? These strokes can help you! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) attention free resources | tasting | picture of family education | children parent-child manual on things not more than two minutes, always sit still, too restless! The child class does not listen, always look around, too unfocused! Attention is a lot of kids have weakness, which is one of the focuses of parental anxiety, is one of the reasons children do good. But the culprit is really the child does not mind? Some children have even been named "ADHD" name. For children over the age of 12, their inability to concentrate is often associated with a state of mind. Children under 12 years of age, there is a lot of other external reasons, not only psychological factors. For example, physical or lack of training. We can focus on the analysis of the four qualities of attention. A device to expand the breadth of attention causes and manifestations of children: Children’s attention span is the range of attention. The breadth of attention refers to a person who is able to perceive or recognize the number of objects at the same time. This type of inattention is often expressed as the children to read and write easily overlooked absent-minded, and write the missing problems. Countermeasures: Children’s attention span is small and the child has a certain relationship between the natural audio-visual range, but also related to the training of the day after tomorrow. We need to teach our children basic audio and video skills. For example, when we teach the visual search target, to teach children from left to right, from the top of the order, so that he can obtain information more accurately; when the children to listen, let the child finish the other side to divert attention, many children listen to others to say that a half finished, so to do other things. Stability and performance reasons two tricks: training children attention stability refers to a person in a certain period of time, more stable to focus on a particular object and activities. The focus of unstable children in class are often easy to sneak away. Countermeasures: there are many reasons for children’s attention instability: for example, physical aspects, such as lack of sleep, physical discomfort, etc.. Parents should let the children wake up early in the morning exercise. At the same time, also must let the children pay attention to work and rest. Can not let the child learn too long, so the body fatigue, attention is not easy to focus. For example, a child may be thinking of something else. For example, some children are thinking about what to eat snacks in class, or family relations are not harmonious, children are always thinking about the class. Some parents do not give children too much psychological pressure, reduce nagging and scold a child. For example, the child is not strong sense of purpose. In class, when some children do exercises, do it in a daze, forget what they need to do. For such children will need to be reminded before he was distracted when concentrate, but also to the task of quantitative. So that children have more motivation to complete the task quickly. Again, the environment too much interference. I paint相关的主题文章:

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