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How does Father affect children’s gender identity? The same is true of parents’ gender identity, as well as the influence of parents’ emotions on the choice of children’s toys. In a study of 11 month old babies who had just started crawling, mothers were more likely than boys to successfully climb a steep, narrow slope. However, in the slope creep test, the performance of the baby girl and boy. "Hey baby" that, due to the gender differences in the expectations of parents of children, often more encourage boys to exercise, and hope that the quiet girl, which may limit the body and other aspects of the development of girls. Father’s influence on children’s gender identity is greater. In the observation of the American father, it was found that, even at the age of 1, the father had a very different approach to boys and girls. At the age of 2, compared with her daughter, father and son talk time and spend more time together. The mother and daughter talk more than the conversation with his son, but also more support for her daughter, and girls of this age are more talkative than boys. Father and son to play more casual play, but more sensitive to her daughter. Of course, the character of the American father does not mean that the father of all cultures. Sweden and Germany, for example, do not play with their children in the form of an American father; in parts of Africa and parts of India, fathers and children often play more gently. Today, in China, a variety of social environment, as well as his father’s personality characteristics, but also the father and children play a great change in the way. But the majority of the father in the play with the child, or to show gender differences. Why is the little girl must be color education? Is there a friendship between babies? How do they communicate? Why is the younger sister after the birth, the elder brother but the disposition big change? Should children read or read first? Which way is more effective? For more parenting problems, please pay attention to "Hi baby" headline or public number (hiangel_cn)!相关的主题文章:

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