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Business US legislation from the federal government is now .pelling enterprises to prioritize energy conservation initiatives. Once the ACES Act will pass as a law, .panies will have no other choice but to .ply with energy conservation through programs like increasing asset efficiencies and lowering emissions Whether it is passed or not, and despite clashing interests, general public’s opinion implies that every .pany should take responsibility on its carbon emissions. .panies which do not adopt ‘green’ processes and policies might be abandoned by its customers as patrons are already very much aware of the adverse effects of carbon emissions due to unclean production preactices. .panies should understand that awareness is the key for them to over.e barriers in achieving cleaner and greener production. Each .pany should be able to adopt its own effective enterprise energy management program. To be able to effectively do this, a business needs to get every member of its organization to be proactive in its energy conservation program not only to achieve targets for productivity but also in .pliance to legislative requirements. Senior management should spell out the .pany’s plan and accurately get the problem defined. When we talk about energy efficiency, it takes more than simply purchasing energy at the best rates. It is also important that management should also make sure that every employee knows the importance of efficiency of every asset in its performance. An equipment might need replacement or needs better maintenance if it is showing any signs of under-performance such as increase in fuel consumption. Traditionally, accounting in .panies has been limited to documentation of monetary in.e against expenses. However, it has been historically trending that .panies across the country have inefficient accounting system and tracking of work order and preventive maintenance processes. Accounting in this sense fails to pull together all the necessary elements of an organization. To address efficient asset management that can lead to energy conservation, .panies should be able to learn to do "carbon accounting". There are many service providers and external consultants who can help initiate processes and systems that can help curtail energy use. This could mean implementation of automated software programs which can yield accurate and detailed reports. Consultants will find help in finding ways to cut down energy consumption with the data gathered through the use of some automated programs. Business practices in the past have been focusing on making profits over saving on costs. By addressing climate change and global warming, .panies go through a transformation in corporate mindset. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions will not only help the environment but will also translate to high savings for any business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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