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How long does it take? A lot of pregnant women who are planning to get pregnant with the Sohu want to know how to conceive. It is a combination of sperm and egg to form an embryo How many days does it take to fertilize the eggs? What is the process of fertilization? In order to give you a better understanding of the problem of implantation of fertilized eggs, fast pregnancy help Xiaobian to collect a relevant information, the next will lead you to a detailed understanding of female friends. The combination of human egg cells and sperm is in the fallopian tube. Sexual life after the sperm into the vagina, sperm along the female genital tract up to the fallopian tube. Flocks of sperm during operation after contraction of uterus and fallopian tube muscle, a large number of sperm vitality and decline, only 20 ~ 200 sperm reach around oocyte, finally only one sperm and an egg. The fertilization process takes about 24 hours, the radiata egg cell periphery and sperm in the fallopian tube mucosa enzyme under the effect of dispersion, a plurality of sperm by means of its own motion through the corona radiata, sperm acrosome reaction by acrosome through zona pellucida. Sperm penetration of zona pellucida after only one sperm can enter the egg cell, and inhibit other sperm penetration. The sperm into the egg cells, the tail disappeared, rounded, swollen head, the male pronucleus formation; and the secondary oocyte completed second mitosis, the discharge of the diode, the main cells become mature egg cell, its nucleus formed female pronucleus. The male and female pronuclei contact and fusion to form a new cell, restore 46 chromosomes (paternal and maternal 23 each), this process is called fertilization. How many days does it take to fertilize the eggs? The first day of pregnancy: JY into YD after fornix, most sperm death in the acidic environment of the vagina, only a small part of the sperm through the cervix, uterine cavity arrived within 1 hours, after 1 ~ 2 hours, sperm 18cm walked through the journey, finally arrived at the ampulla of fallopian tube, and fertilized eggs; a new life starts from here, in the next 266 days, the baby will develop in your uterus. Second days of pregnancy: the first time a cell divides, your baby is safe. Third days of pregnancy: fertilized eggs and experienced a split of 3 ~ 4. At this point, the division of the cell depends on the nutrition of the egg. At the same time, the fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube due to the movement of cilia and muscles, gradually moving toward the uterus, after fertilization 4 to 5 days to reach the uterine cavity, and then stay in the cavity for 3 to 4 days. Fifth days of pregnancy: an important change in the fertilized egg today, the preparation of the uterus. Sixth to seven days of pregnancy: fertilized eggs adhere to your uterus to prepare for bed. Eighth days of pregnancy: the implantation process begins. The embryo enters the uterine mucosa, so you may have some subtle bleeding. Ninth days of pregnancy: the fertilized egg implantation process has been completed by today. The embryo grows very quickly, but it is too early to determine the early pregnancy test. Tenth days of pregnancy: the development of the baby’s first work相关的主题文章:

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