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.puters-and-Technology The inevitable crisis of Peak Oil .es closer to us as each month passes, and may already have occurred. This is the point where global oil production begins to decline, which will inevitably lead to demand exceeding supply. This has moved from a hazy distant problem to an immediate issue that we will have to face in this lifetime, with significant global consequences. It is fair to say that the industrial and economic power of developed nations such as the USA, many European countries, Australia and now China have .e from the use of fossil fuels. From production capacity to military strength coal, oil and gas have allowed people in those countries a higher standard of living than at any time in the history of the earth. This situation may soon be in for rapid change. Economies that are reliant on fossil fuels will surely be.e unstable if the supply of those fuels diminishes or disappears. This need not be the case as widespread implementation of mainstream renewable energy would counter this issue. It is such a serious situation that the International Energy Agency is undertaking a .prehensive study of the 400 most significant oil fields around the world, so that an accurate assessment of remaining reserves can be .piled. There are good grounds for the IEA’s concern about the status of oil reserves. Very recently the Saudi government stated that it will lift production by another 300,000 barrels of oil per day. This is not even close to the lift in production requested by the US Administration. There are fears that the Saudis won’t lift production above this level simply because they are unable to. This throws into relief the possible status of the reserves of OPEC countries, whose reserves are not monitored by any regulatory body. Since their ability to sell oil is tied by mutual agreement to their stated reserves and has been so since the mid 1980s, there is a widespread belief that they have grossly overestimated their reserves in order to capitalize on current high oil prices. If this is indeed the case then the scenario of Peak Oil may be upon us very soon indeed. This will have a significant impact on the global economy which is still geared toward continuous growth in order to achieve stability. It does not take much pondering of this situation before scenarios of resource wars, extreme nationalism and a global economic crisis .e to mind. The way to address the need for energy security is to focus on developing alternative energy sources. Nuclear power would make a good intermediate, but since that too is based on a limited resource it is not a long term solution. While Nuclear has a bad name, its safety record is very good .pared to electricity production from coal or oil, even after taking account of its spectacular disasters such as Chernobyl. A better solution would be the implementation of renewable energies. Irrespective of whether we opt for a nuclear stopgap or go straight for massive scale implementation of solar and wind energy, we need to start moving away from relying on oil. A global investment in clean energy makes a great gift for future generations but these need to replace fossil fuels, not just act as a decorative add-on. Decisions need to be made to ensure our energy supply for the future, regardless of ecological concerns from the pollution caused by fossil fuels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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