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Hu Feng mourning the death of Mrs. conjugal love 59 years has never been rumored Hu Feng and his wife, according to Hongkong media "Oriental Daily" reported that the artist Hu Feng is in the circle of the famous "wife", 59 years of marriage and love still loving as ever Lv Yonghe. Unfortunately, the Dutch Lu died in hospital due to illness. Hu Feng telephone interview was heartbroken, only to "heart" and Lv Yonghe replies, the funeral will be held in 18 days this month. "Evergreen" said senior artist Hu Feng (brother, married to repair) Mrs. Lu Dutch on 1957, marriage has dimension is 59 years, is still quite affectionate, their grandchildren live quite happy. Unfortunately, due to illness in the Lu Dutch Baptist Hospital died by a heavy blow to the repair to her brother, also Lv Yonghe funeral, funeral arrangements in 18 days this month in the funeral ceremony was held in the Christian world. The reporter contacted brother to repair, low voice telephone, obviously to his wife passed away a thing by the blow, heartbroken for his wife’s death repair brother, do not want to talk about, just kept saying: "heart! Determined!" Hanging wire. The resignation of Hong Kong known care program, Lv Yonghe has not very good physical condition, more recent hospitalization recuperation. Earlier, brother promised to repair a house for wireless program "Taiwan Friends to travel", "Friends" and show a house together to Taiwan film actor, but because his wife in the hospital, the situation is not very good, do not worry and take care of Mrs. the reason based on the final repair brother also took the initiative to "resign" program, wireless with his wife spent the last years of his deep understanding of wireless also. According to statistics, Lv Yonghe served as an actor and producer, more in the movie "evil" and the daughter and young actor brother beat live repair. The 84 year old brother and his wife for many years to repair deep feelings, still loving married for 59 years, appearing in public often held "flash". Costa Rica is even more deeply loved his wife, has also been a public kiss, sweet time common. In recent years, due to Lu Dutch sick has rarely appeared in public, the last time she appeared to accompany her husband last year, Gu Jia, emeritus Festival concert. On the same day, Lv Yonghe spirit is not considered good, enjoy the concert, but also with her husband interpretation smile synchronization of the tacit understanding. Working in the entertainment industry for many years, and worked countless brother repair actress, but no sex scandal, and female is "insulation" to his wife one is absolutely outstanding wife no.. Brother and his wife has married repair gave birth to five children, six of the existing sun and at least two great grandchildren, flourishing. Marriage each other with their children’s feelings are very good, every year to repair the brother’s birthday, children will hold a birthday party for his mysterious circle of friends, invited to attend, each year will accompany the wife side, is the chief circle model couple. The repair circle and 14 brother dry dry female, including Jacky Cheung, Sandy Lam, Prudence Lau, dawn, Fang Guoshan, Zhou Qisheng, Billy Lau, Huangzaoshi stained, and two out of the circle of dry daughter, was popular with. The respondents revealed earlier repair brother and his wife character in a concave convex, to get along with each other through running, otherwise it is difficult to dimension is a small stream of marriage, and that they do not understand the romantic, from the pursuit of haven’t had sent a flower. The elder brother adds a humorous conversation!相关的主题文章:

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