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HUAWEI Mate 9 started: Pricing and products like "pride" – tech geeks Park Sohu micro signal: geekpark HUAWEI Mate HUAWEI Mate series 9 annual updates as their most important one product layout, from the Mate 7 rage to today’s Mate 9, Mate is responsible for the task set and HUAWEI flagship the impact of high-end. Today, Mate 9 was released in the country, except in Germany has participated in Mate 9 and Mate 9 Porsche Design, HUAWEI also launched a special market China curved screen Mate 9 Pro. The first time we started using these three phones, including the special concern of the Porsche version of Design. HUAWEI has finally started to talk about the configuration of the following Mate 9 basic parameters: SoC Kirin 960 (CPU: kylin "nuclear" for the Cortex-A73 architecture, GPU Mali-G71, two are used for the first time in the mobile phone SoC): 4GB 6GB LPDDR4 running memory 64GB 128GB 256GB built-in storage: 32GB UFS 2.1, F2FS file management, support Micro SD card screen: 5.9 inch 1080P LCD 5.5 inch 2K AMOLED rear camera: 12 million pixels (color) + 20 million pixels (Hei Bai), 2.2 f aperture and optical image stabilization camera: 8 million pixels, 1.9 f aperture battery: 4000mAh battery: 4.5V 5A operating system: EMUI 5 (domestic manufacturers of the first commercial Android for 7) at this time, HUAWEI has always maintained its own " Pride "and" indulgence ": Mate 9:3399 (4GB + 32GB) 3899 yuan (4GB + 64GB) 4499 yuan (6GB + 128GB) Mate Pro:4699 9 yuan (4GB + 64GB) 5299 yuan (6GB + 128GB) Mate Porsche 9 yuan Design:8999 (6GB + 256GB) Mate 9 in the hardware configuration can really is the top flagship of HUAWEI, with a lot of the most cutting-edge technologies and components. In such hardware blessing, Mate 9 directly into a "monster". In addition to "Porsche", as well as China’s unique "Pro" in Germany released the night, HUAWEI Mate 9 Porsche Design相关的主题文章:

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