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The couple was beaten to death by police, the suspect holding a stick of the deceased former colleagues – Sohu Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang city news of a middle-aged couple in October 22nd 18 PM in five in Jinjiang Economic Development Zone Industrial Park in front of a company being beaten to death for holding a stick. In October 23rd, the Public Security Bureau Lingyuan Jinjiang city police station staff told surging news (Zhao), the suspect is the victim of the former colleagues, because of a dispute with the victim. Currently, Zhao has been arrested, the case is under further investigation. When the length of 33 seconds of video display, a young man holding a meter long sticks, repeatedly hit the ground lying on the head of two people. The whole process, was hit two people lying on the ground motionless. In the meantime, the assailant is not so close to passers-by shouted. Quanzhou network reported on 23 October, two people were beaten in the video of a couple, work in the same company, the man is the administrator of the company, the assailant before work for the company, after the dismissal, resulting in disputes and revenge and murder of husband and wife. After the incident, the assailant was subdued by. Jinjiang City Public Security Bureau Public Security @ Jinjiang evening of October 22nd reported that 22, 18 am, Jinjiang City Public Security Bureau received a report said in five in Jinjiang Economic Development Zone Industrial Park in front of a company, with a gun fight. The disposal of the Police Public Security Bureau of Jinjiang City, two wounded Hwang (male, 40 years old, Sichuan people) and Chen (female, 46 years old, Guizhou people) the 120 scene died. Informed that, after a preliminary investigation, the suspect Zhao (male, 28 years old, Yunnan people) Department of the company employee turnover, and the victim Huang before because of a trivial dispute, holding sticks beating Huang and Chen came and tried to mediate in the entrance of the company at the time, injured two people, after the rescue invalid death. At present, the suspect Zhao has been arrested, the case is under further investigation, the relevant rehabilitation work is also carried out in an orderly manner.相关的主题文章:

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