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Food-and-Drink Making things at home is a fun activity that can be shared with friends and family members, and it is even better if you can save some money by using your imagination. In this article will discuss a few ideas that might be helpful in saving you some money by customizing cupcake boxes at home. Find the Right Size for the Boxes Before you buy a large amount of boxes it is important to make sure you have a clear idea of the dimensions they should have. Use your mathematical skills to figure out the quantity by dividing the total amount of cupcakes by how many each box will hold. You could just make sure there are enough by ordering a few extra boxes just to stay on the safe side. Get Better Prices by Buying Plain Boxes Wholesale If you plan to have a big event or realize that you will need a cupcake box quite often either at home or at your business; then you may think about the savings that could be made by buying wholesale. This might mean you need to spend more money upfront, though you will end up saving cash by reducing the cost of each box and expenditure in shipping fees. You will find many online merchants offering a wide variety of boxes including individual cupcake boxes with inserts to protect your cakes. Get a Wide Variety of Decorations Creativity is an important asset for this task, and just remember that to invent, you just need to relax and let your imagination run wild. Multiple options is often beneficial in stimulating creativity. If you get many different varieties of colorful stickers, ribbons and laces; the rest will be handles by your creative mind. A Few Ideas to Consider: If for example, you are planning a special party for a young girl and you happen to have some plain boxes left over. You can use pastel ribbons, decorative stickers and pretty motifs. Why not try using flowers to decorate the boxes? Some of them could be chrysanthemums, roses or sunflowers! You could make favor boxes that look like commercial gift boxes including a famous brand name! Sounds fun right? Girls will love it. I hope you find these hints helpful next time you need to organize a party. It’s more fun than you think. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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