Guide to Setting Up a Website Introduction Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Setting Up a Website. The purpose of this guide is to help prepare potential customers of with the task of gathering information for their website. This information gathered will differ depending on the purpose of the site; however, the guidelines should be general enough for any site. This guide is will be divided into five main phases: Brainstorming, Information Collecting, Review, Design and Implementation. During the Brainstorming phase, you will research other sites and get an idea of what your site should look like, what features you want to include and what domain name should be associated with the site. The Information Collecting phase is where you u will gather information, such as copy and graphics, that you might consider putting in the site. During the Review phase, you should review the information collected and the ideas that you have so that you can create a general navigational map of the site. You may want to use sticky notes on the information that you collect and designate what part of the site you would like it placed under. Once you feel satisfied that you have enough information and have a general feel of the site layout, it is critical to meet with the www.Imagination.vg Web Designer for consultation. After the consultation, a proposal will be submitted for the estimated cost of building the site. After the proposal has been accepted, the www.Imagination.vg Web Designer will begin the Design phase. The designer should have a firm grasp of what is expected and will create a sample for your approval. Once the sample is discussed with you, any revisions will be conducted. The site will then be created, tested and reviewed. After you have reviewed what the Designer has created, the Implementation phase begins. This is when many administrative steps occur. The site will go live when it is complete. Guide to Setting Up a Website Brainstorming Most people dont know where to start when they want to have a website. They might have a great product or service to sell, but arent sure what they need to do for selling this product or service on the Internet. The following questions will help you get started. Is there a site that you like that you would consider modeling your site after? This can help with the site layout, design, and functionality. What about that site do you like or dislike? Make a list of likes and dislikes What is the purpose of the site? Is it for selling products or services? Is it going to be an informative site? Informative sites usually include features such as such as news reports, bulletin boards, a newsletter, etc. Do you plan to have sections such as "About Us", "Contact Us", "Customer Service or the like? Make a list of sections you think you would like to include. Is the site going to be mostly static, with an update here and there or is it going to be updated constantly? What colors do you think you would like on the site? What domain names have you considered for the website? (A domain name looks like this: www.yourdomainname.com). You can check to see if a domain name has been taken by going to Who Is >>>identity for everyone: .www.whois.com How much do you plan to spend on the site? Figure out what you can afford and what you are willing to pay for. Some features cost more than others due to programming versus HTML. Guide to Setting Up a Website Information Collecting Now that you have an idea of what you might want to see on your site, this is the time to search for copy, pictures, sound bites, movie, etc. to compliment your ideas. Here are a few things that you may want to look for: Copy: Any brochures that you had made Any Word, Quark, Text, etc. file that was created for the product or service A business card Flyers Graphics: Graphics that you like Images found in the brochures, flyers, etc. Pictures of the products Sounds: Sound clips that you might want to use, either digital or analog that you might want to stream. We can convert analog, such as a cassette tape, into a digital recording Digital formatted files, such as WAV, AVI, MPEG, etc Movies: Movie clips you might want to include, either digital or analog that you may want to stream We can convert analog, such as a video tape, into a digital recording Digital formatted files, such as MOV, AVI, MPEG, etc You may need to contact your printer service or your print designer and ask them to burn a CD, or copy the files to a Jazz or Zip disk (either 100 or 250) for you. Guide to Setting Up a Website Review Now that you have an idea of what you want on the site, you need to review what you have. Go through what you have collected and come up with a general navigation map of the sites layout. A flowchart is a great way to see the site and how the pages relate to each other. Divide up the information you have collected, based on your flowchart, and place it into piles. Use sticky notes to help categorize the piles. At this point, you should have a good idea of your needs and wants for the site and a rough idea of how the site will be laid out. You have collected copy and images that you might want to include in the site. This would be the time to call us at www.Imagination.vg to setup a consultation. During the appointment, we will: Review and discuss your ideas of what you envision for the site Help guide you in areas you may feel weak in Suggest ways to accomplish your goals Consult on issues such as site traffic, search engines, banner ads etc. Answer any questions you might have After the consultation both you and www.Imagination.vg Designer should have a better understanding of the site requirements. At this time, the www.Imagination.vg Web Designer will create a proposal for the site. The proposal will include the estimated costs of creating the site, based on the number of hours it is expected to finish each site requirement. This proposal will be sent to you for review. Please read it over carefully and discuss it with the designer in order to ensure accuracy of the requirements. Guide to Setting Up a Website Design Once the proposal has been reviewed and accepted, the www.Imagination.vg Designer will begin designing the general look and feel of the site. During this phase, you and the designer will be reviewing the proofs and making changes based on ideas discussed. There are always changes, so dont feel discouraged. We will work with you until you are satisfied and confident that the site will look appealing to the general public. Once the general design of the site is created, its time to convert it into HTML. During this phase, the designer will need to contact you periodically for some information. Here is some information the designer will need: A short description of the site needs to be created for the search engines. It should be no longer than 225 characters in length, including spaces. It should be packed with keywords/phrases that appear on the site A list of keywords and phrases needs to be created for the search engines. The six most important keywords and/or phrases need to be first. This list should be words that you as a web surfer would put in search engine in order to find the site. Final copy, graphics, sounds, etc. By this time, a domain name should have been decided upon. It needs to be registered in Who Is >>>identity for everyone: ..whois.. Guide to Setting Up a Website Implementation Once the site is finished and approved, it will go live. During this phase, many administrative tasks need to be .pleted by Sophea, such as setting up the servers and the DNS record. Here are a few other things we will need to know: How many and what email addresses are you going to need? Will you require FTP access to the site? Will you require access to log files to monitor the site traffic? 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