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In August 103%, private performance of both poor Weiguang placards 7 shares 51 days floating profit 120 million Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhao Xueyi – Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the private equity fund to disclose the results of August, the title is the private sector, old acquaintances, once the private champion – the new value at the helm of Luo Weiguang. "Securities Daily" reporters fund of the Department found that the return of the king, his magic is the placards". Luo Weiguang has 3 flagship product "sunshine placards, placards No. 1" and "sunshine 2" sunshine placards placards "No. 3" by placards held 7 stocks since July, just 51 trading days Book floating profit more than 122 million yuan. "For private sun placards motivation, according to the report of changes in equity disclosure, most said just generally optimistic about the future development of the target company, for the reasons behind are vague. But from the case this year, different from venture capital, financial investment, private Sun Bo restructuring in the process of the more obvious sense." Industry analysts said. The return of the king by placards shares A shares in August venture capital placards in the tide, Vanke, Evergrande shares of shares in return of good news driven by the market out of the wave of more substantial rally, the first time this year on the line, the highest reached 3140.44 points, then around the line into a narrow range consolidation stage monthly increase of 3.56%. In August the hot market speculation around the main stocks, Hengda placards concept and other hot spots, and the deep part of the main intervention stocks hit a record high. According to the "Securities Daily" fund of the Department and the private line network research center, the latest statistics, the stock strategy of private equity fund products than in August a total of 4744, the average rate of return is 1.63%, far underperformed the CSI 300 index rose 3.87%. At the same time, increasing private equity fund performance differentiation, the difference of 103.14 percentage points. Among them, the product is to achieve positive earnings, accounting for 69.92% of the total, the most cattle fund yield of $66.89%; negative income products have only 1349, the worst fund yield of -36.25%. Data show that Luo Weiguang’s "sunshine justice No. 1", with 66.89% monthly income rate topped, the cumulative net value of 2.6035 yuan. It is understood that Luo Weiguang was initially quite popular growth stocks, small cap stocks, once a stock involved in, fluctuations in the net rate is high. 2009 is a growing share of the world, 10 times shares the achievements of the new champion It is often seen., private value and growth stocks have slumped, champion drop altar. After the growth stocks planted over, changed Luo Weiguang investment ideas, find placards of small cap stocks is the right way. Under this background, the establishment of more than just the "sunshine private fund placards, placards No. 1" is one of the products, from the net curve, the product performance is stable, Houjinshizu net hit a record high. Private listed company is mainly on placards相关的主题文章:

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