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In September, the most worthy of divine beauty of autumn, drunk as the flower tourism Sohu traveler autumn is a colorful season, belongs to this season travel is full of sense of color, either the desert sand, leaves the mountains and fields, gold, fruit color…… As long as you like, everything can be a panoramic view. Autumn is very beautiful, but also very short, seize the time to go, don’t miss this beautiful season. (photo: Journey) fifteen channel "autumn leaves a tree a tree poem" autumn leaves, with the red color, a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, beautiful and gorgeous, add some warmth and hope for the autumn depression. Although domestic appreciation leaves place, too many to count, can I still want to recommend a place: fifteen channel. This is located in the upstream of the Yalu River tours red, autumn beauty intoxicating heart touching. (photo: Journey) fifteen channel is located in the territory of Jilin Province Changbai Korean Autonomous County, in the Changbai Mountain mountains fault zone. Here is the nature of the art, peaks and rocks, ancient trees, forest, spring, waterfall…… Picturesque, beautiful as wonderland. (photo: Journey) (photo: Journey) Paoma autumn autumn Valley mountain, colorful flags rotate in a cloudless blue sky, the wind, red, yellow, orange, yellow, clouds, a beautiful, all over the mountains and plains. (photo: the angel of the footprint) Paoma is located in Sichuan city in Kangding Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is an extension of the mountains north of Gongga mountain. Colored sea, Kyrgyzstan Xiangchan hospital, Baita lingyun…… In the fall of the rendering, especially exceptionally brilliant. (photo: the angel of the footprint) Danba autumn autumn in Danba, like a dream like fairy tale world, there are lofty sky, mountains, deep canyons, fairytale castle Tibetan village, towering thousands of years old…… (photo: Angel footprint) colorful Manshan, pavilions, and Jiarong Tibetan village bright color harmony, it is good to hear or see. (photo: Angel footprint) Ejina autumn autumn in Ejina, the United States is very dazzling. Large yellow is here beautiful color, this gorgeous yellow from poplar. (photo: the angel of the footprint) some people say, living for one thousand years, Populus is one thousand years, one thousand years after the death of the ground immortal. They are a kind of extremely strong desert plants, no matter what kind of harsh environmental conditions, they can survive tenaciously. (photo: the angel of the footprint) even the fall of litter leaves, with the most beautiful and gorgeous posture perfectly. Located in the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region area of the Ejina, about 380 thousand acres of poplar, is one of the world’s three remaining populuseuphraticaforest. (photo: the angel of the footprint) the autumn of Wuyuan Wuyuan is a beautiful place like clouds, you can choose which party n相关的主题文章:

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