In the mood five men love letter farewell Guo Degang, entertainment channel,

"In the mood" five men "love letter" farewell Guo Degang, entertainment channel, August 27 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Ping) "in the mood" team 20:45 tonight at the Oriental TV, also usher in a surprise distressed at parting meet eleventh. From the beginning of the men jumped into the sea, surfing, riding a donkey to ride the cable car, fishing, early experience, fresh and exciting. However, after the passion is farewell, Guo Degang holding five brothers from the love letter to return home. Guo Degang sighed: "I have a reason, Trinidad take Changting, total parting time, we return to Beijing together!" Jia Nailiang OD "jump" Jia Nailiang Jin Shengzhu comfort cry tonight, Eastern Europe tour last station — Santorini’s Aegean Sea, enjoying the beautiful scenery. In the face of the stimulation of the sea challenge, Jia Nailiang did not hesitate to brave the first jump: how to jump to Aegean Sea can not afford this trip!" Jin Shengzhu and Lu Yi have followed the acrophobic, OD somewhat hesitant, Jia Nailiang encouraged him to climb the cliff and jumped again, this time personal encouragement, and brothers of the remote cheer, OD finally smooth "jump"? For he’s six fishing, but also to experience the local characteristics of "transportation" — the donkey, donkey riding slowly down the hill. Although the mouth despise "the donkey good-looking", Guo Degang still cheerfully turned on the donkey, "you don’t wear Lu Yi so handsome, donkey certainly does not look good, my donkey is good!" Trinidad will take Changting farewell "at lunchtime, Jia Nailiang sentence" Guolao you go "frightened all, boss and go ahead? True to the moment of departure, Guo Degang also deep feelings: "the last moment, I still have to step ahead of you, we don’t have connection, you are free to visit Deyunshe OD. I’m waiting for you in Beijing…… I have a reason, Trinidad take Changting, there is always time to leave." The first time I six joy photo record return, Guo Degang had the brothers left two letter letter full of tenderness". This time, the team also secretly for the old Guo prepared five "love letter" — OD drew the master when riding a motorcycle domineering appearance, instantly amused old Guo: "it is difficult for him." Lu Yi drew several brothers together in a scene, invited to visit Taipei Xincheng Guo boss, Jia Nailiang sincere blessing also poked in the heart: "old Guo said, bright after I cover you ah……" (commissioning editor: he Yingchun, Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章:

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