Install electronic gear lynk&amp Co cx11 automatic spy;-aspack

Install electronic gear LYNK& CO CX11 automatic – recently we obtained the Geely Group’s brand new LYNK& CO first SUV (codenamed CX11) spy, the exposure is the automatic models, from the exposure of the spy photos, CX11 new car interior style is simple, automatic models equipped with electronic gear popular bar. The exposure of the interior – clear, CX11 interior uses the console design to the driver’s side of the look, there is certain similarity with the Volvo brand. Multi function steering wheel equipped with cruise control, multimedia control, as well as suspected voice control buttons, the central console top air outlet modeling is relatively new, and equipped with a larger size of the large screen control. It is worth noting that the spy photos show CX11 automatic equipment is electronic gear rod nowadays increasingly popular, modelling is more fashionable. In addition, the front seat for the CX11 spy photos show the integrated design of the head cushion and the seat back is a whole. Back with a child seat interface, independent air conditioning outlet configuration. According to our previous reports, CX11 will be LYNK& CO brand’s first models, is a compact car SUV, Geely and Volvo jointly developed based on the CMA platform to build, its location is higher than that of Geely bullyear; power system will be used from Volvo 1.5T engine. Expected price range of new cars in the 13-19 million, or will be officially listed in the fourth quarter of next year, with the masses, TOYOTA and other mainstream joint venture to compete.相关的主题文章:

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