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The interpretation of | to do Tencent after the "Hongkong two headed" Mito – how to make science and technology Sohu Sohu Technology Wen Cui Peng in November, on the news more and more beautiful figure listed in Hongkong. This free application started technology companies, the end of August submitted to the HKEx prospectus, officially launched the listing plan. Some foreign media reported yesterday that Mito is introducing IPO to investors; the terms that beauties will promote its IPO on Monday to December 2nd this period of time to assess the potential investors, investor interest; beauty plan will be about 35% IPO of the amount of financing for the expansion of intelligent hardware business, about 25% for the strategic investment and the acquisition. Once the map will be listed after the Tencent, second Internet Co listed in Hongkong: the United States plans submitted to the HKEx information shows that it intends to raise $500 million -10 billion dollars, valued at more than $5 billion. This is not a lot of people understand the company founder Wu Xinhong in 2008 to create the MiTo company also launched Meitu Xiu Xiu software over the past eight years, Cai Wensheng served as the chairman of the company, the beauties of the product line also covers various fields from landscaping, self beauty to video entertainment. Line to Meitu Xiu Xiu and beauty camera core free applications, mobile terminal products such as mobile phone Mito launch line. (Note: the map listing prospectus part) this does not seem to be a lot of people know about the company, what is "a way of earning money, to become the second Tencent in Hong Kong Internet Co" two star "? The "label" good paste, mobile phone to sell first, a huge number of users is fundamental to the survival of the United States that, as chairman of the Cai Wensheng Mito has said publicly that the user is the core competitiveness of Mito company". At present, the income structure of hardware Mito proportion occupies a large part of the Internet value-added services and online advertising is not effective mining, this is also the main reason causing the income structure of Mito company is relatively single. Mito in May 2013 to enter the field of intelligent hardware, released the first Mito phone. The positioning of this product is very clear, is aimed at the self love of female users, so at the beginning of the release has become the world’s first intelligent mobile phone equipped with 8 million pixel front camera, this parameter was still a lot of high-end intelligent mobile phone rear camera parameters. Mito mobile phone launch, the market to bring a lot of competitors to break the dilemma of smart phone thinking. In August this year, 360 new mobile phone conference, Zhou? Publicly expressed appreciation for the MiTo mobile phone, called the successful case of niche products, he said, "as a professional point of view, the mobile phone (mobile phone Mito) hardware configuration, but the beauty to the extreme, many girls become a backup machine and this thing with us a lot of inspiration". The United States plans submitted to the HKEx listing prospectus, from the 2013 launch of the first smart mobile phone, intelligent hardware (including intelligent mobile phone) revenue accounted for Mito company in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the annual revenue of 59.相关的主题文章:

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