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Inventory of the five credit card application which is the most affordable? With the progress of the times and the increasingly fierce competition in the credit card market, credit card applications are becoming more diverse. At present, the credit card application can be handled through the following five ways: bank counter outlets, mobile stalls, online banking, mobile terminal and mobile phone booking. Methods: 1 bank outlets counter to bank outlets to apply for credit card is the most traditional and ancient ways. Advantages are: fill in the information in detail, can be removed from a series of trouble; at the same time, there are any questions can also consult the bank staff on the spot. But its disadvantages are also obvious, because customers fill in the application data needs to be transferred to the center of the audit from the bank credit card, so the approval rate is slow; secondly, it must be in the bank outlets queuing, especially crowded big banks, line for half an hour or even longer a simple meal. Methods: 2 stalls which is a relatively old credit card, in the subway station, large shopping district (CBD), flow are more concentrated more common. However, in the stalls to handle credit card have the biggest advantage is that you can get every kind of gifts, small mug, charging treasure, to the case, most of the gifts is quite practical, the value is not low. Method 3: online banking, which is the mainstream of the current credit card bid, only in the official website of the bank according to the prompts to enter various types of information can apply, very convenient. Because the input data will soon be uploaded to the bank credit card center, so the approval speed, general 5-10 working days to check whether the audit by some banks, about 3 days there will be results. Of course, there are also disadvantages of online banking to bid for credit cards, that is, by way of issuing credit cards can not be activated by phone and network. In other words, the credit card in hand, you still have to take the card and valid documents to the issuing bank outlets nearby for interview". Method 4: mobile phone side believe that many people on Sesame credit score or Jingdong white credit card will not be too strange, in general, sesame credit score of more than 700 points, white credit score of more than 90 minutes. Download the Alipay financial and Jingdong App, their credit points after a successful login can query to find the relevant bid for the credit card page for the application. However, in this way can handle a very limited type of credit card, the card can not be more than 3 kinds of choice. The way of issuing credit cards must go to the bank to "face" to activate. Method 5: make an appointment to visit the door is a comprehensive look at the best way to apply for a credit card. Through the official website of the bank, App or telephone to make an appointment, the bank staff will be on time for a one on the handle, a variety of optional cards, there are any problems can be answered on the spot. The card in hand, there is no need to go to the bank to "face", the telephone network and can activate the card.相关的主题文章:

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