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Inventory of the Third World Conference of the Internet "Keywords" technology – Sohu Hangzhou Xinhua News Agency on 18 November, (reporter Lv Ang) under the curtain of the global Internet event in the field, the Third World Conference of the Internet falls in the south of Yangtze River in Zhejiang Wuzhen, innovation, management, security, artificial intelligence, the second session of the general assembly to become the five most popular keywords "". Innovation and innovation, the Internet is inherent in the core of the gene, but also the eternal topic of the Internet age. This conference focused on innovation driven, the benefit of mankind, through cutting-edge technology products, innovative ideas, sketched out the magic of the future of human life in the internet. The conference held for the first time the world leading technology Internet publishing activities, is entering the third year of the world Internet Conference will do itself in the aspects of innovation, innovation to show innovation, build innovation "China platform" for the countries of the cutting-edge technology, to further expand the influence of innovation. Both show no figurative driving, holographic images and quantum communication ideas new technology appear, or participants around the new concept of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other prospects, let people for innovation driven by human beings in the future more happy life feel excited and longing. — the world governance Internet Conference, "to build cyberspace community of destiny" has become the core issue, from more than and 110 countries and representatives of the regional government, heads of international organizations, Internet business leaders, experts and scholars carried out in-depth dialogue on multi field global governance of the Internet era. Guests agreed that the establishment of peace, security, openness and cooperation in cyberspace requires a global force concentric. The opening ceremony of the conference, the development of the Internet is without borders, boundaries, using and developing the Internet, good governance must deepen international cooperation in cyberspace, cyberspace to build a community of destiny, highly recognized by the domestic and foreign guests. Security in Wuzhen, network security is still a hot topic of concern to the industry. With the deepening of the global Internet connection, network security risks have become common enemies of the country". As Chinese academician, Academy of Engineering China Cyberspace Security Association Fang bin Xing said, access point, global sharing of network space is the common space of human activities, such as network viruses and other risks, no country will be spared, network attacks will lead to a large number of victims in the world. Therefore, this conference is also a number of advanced scientific and technological achievements related to network security. Kabasiji industrial safety platform KICS to protect industrial products and enterprise networks, warning anomalies, timely reporting of suspicious orders to guard against energy, chemical and other industrial areas of network security risks. Chinese Academy of Sciences, the release of quantum communication technology, the use of single photon of the indivisible, can not break the billion encryption, so that the listener can not steal information, will further protect information security. — artificial intelligence at the World Conference on the Internet, artificial intelligence has become all kinds of cool "core areas most involved black technology". Has learned to automatically change the road version of the autopilot system, based on big data, can do everything.相关的主题文章:

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