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Is it necessary to do so many B ultrasound during pregnancy? Expert: this must be done several times – Sohu maternal pregnant mothers during pregnancy to birth, but the examination project is too complicated, many pregnant mothers often do not know what to do should check at what time, especially the ultrasound examination. How many times must be done during pregnancy? Every time B ultrasound in what time? What is the purpose of these B-mode ultrasound? The "pregnant mother" growth Ma deputy director of No.1 Hospital of Peking University invited kangaroo obstetrician to introduce: he Yingdong, pregnancy ultrasound examination time and effect. (experts: he Yingdong No.1 Hospital of Peking University deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, physician, Beijing Medical Association of perinatal medicine branch secretary. The main direction is the prenatal care and perinatal treatment of high-risk pregnancy, especially in the clinical treatment of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy Click to watch the video: pregnancy to do a total number of color Doppler ultrasound examination? He pointed out that the doctor Yingdong throughout pregnancy, and probably need to do color Doppler sonography of 4 to 5 times. The first color Doppler ultrasound examination: pregnant 6~7 weeks the first color Doppler ultrasound examination is in accordance with the mother’s menstrual age to be calculated, about 6 to 7 weeks of pregnancy. The color Doppler ultrasound examination has two purposes, on the one hand is to determine the location of the gestational sac, on the other hand, according to the size of the fetus to check the gestational age. Under normal circumstances, the fertilized egg is implanted in the endometrium, growth and development, and if the fertilized egg implantation outside the uterus, such as fallopian tubes, ovaries or other parts of the abdominal cavity, is called ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy without early medical intervention, pregnant women is very dangerous. Therefore, the first 6~7 weeks of pregnancy B ultrasound to determine whether the sac is inside the uterine cavity, or outside the uterine cavity. Secondly, the doctor will be based on the size of the fetus to see the pregnancy to check the gestational week, because some women’s menstruation is not regular, if only according to menstruation to calculate the time of pregnancy, there will be a relatively large error. If in the 6~7 weeks of pregnancy, only to see the empty bag and did not see the fetal bud and fetal heart, then, may be pregnant with the mother of the menstrual cycle does not match. In other words, the true gestational age of pregnancy is less than the gestational age calculated from the last menstrual period. In this case, should be carried out in a week after a B ultrasound, to observe the size of gestational sac and fetal bud and fetal heart growth. If the gestational sac has reached a certain diameter, while the inside is still not seen fetal bud and fetal heart, it may be a problem of embryonic development. If the diagnostic criteria are met, measures should be taken to terminate the pregnancy. The second color Doppler ultrasound examination: second weeks of pregnancy 12~14 color Doppler ultrasound examination is usually between 12~14 weeks of pregnancy, the color Doppler ultrasound has a special name, called NT color Doppler ultrasound. NT refers to the thickness of the nuchal translucency. It is a very special structure, in 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy can be more clearly seen by B-mode ultrasound, with the development of the fetus, the anatomical structure will gradually disappear. The thicker the thickness of NT, the higher the risk of genetic abnormalities in children. If the examination found that the NT value is relatively high, you need to do amniocentesis or amniocentesis test.相关的主题文章:

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