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Jia Ling became popular in Europe Dibiao Tang Dynasty beauty drama led astray Venus Sina entertainment news Oriental TV scene comedy variety show "tonight" Paramount October 15th (Saturday) 20:30 will broadcast fourth programs. This week, shortly before the establishment of the new company turned their boss "comedy Queen" Jia Ling [micro-blog] appeared on "the tonight paramount", and OD bluntly want a debut [micro-blog] "jobs" to become the host, to join the "tonight" Paramount OD spooked. Although there is no opportunity to co chair, but in the sitcom two people can be a higher level. In the program, Jia Ling turned to fat for the United States of the Tang Dynasty "beauty" by the handsome Kuangzhui, almost yishenxiangxu, and just before the one who played the seven corners of the OD open again "Biao play mode" turned "acting spree," Kang "," Sun Wukong "and other roles between the switch, the the" master "Venus [micro-blog] to the" evil ". Jia Ling turned the Tang Dynasty beauty is handsome Kuangzhui joy puts heart into a man, just founded his own boss Jia Ling was clearly in a good mood recently. This program, opening Jia Ling created a vibrant and playful dance, and also directly after the appearance of a picked up Venus, the "master" Venus to frighten not light. Scene, Jia Ling also want to come to the show as a Moderator: Recently, the team is playing a skit, this time I want to be a protagonist in this stage!" Although be "Paramount" tonight host is unlikely, but the absolute protagonist in the sitcom Jia Ling is fully deserve. The scene, Jia Ling in the Tang Dynasty "beauty" sitcom turned elegant "fat linger". In the pursuit of beauty and reality skinny society on the contrary, in the fat is beautiful environment, can drink slobber fat "fat ring linger" has become the pursuit of all goddesses, "eating and sleeping" such "hobby" was also praised as "too self-discipline", and see a handsome love mad pursuit. In the face of these happy "trouble", Jia Ling will be how to deal with it? The European Dibiao play second "Kang" and "evil" Venus last week, has just joined the "Paramount" composed of "sister tonight alliance" with Venus OD shine in the scene is not only a comedy, who played seven including Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, angle of imitation of Fei Yuqing, the seven singers, with almost as real song give the audience a lot of surprises. This program, OD once again acting crazy Biao play broke open mode, in the meditation room of love play "turned a hear the familiar lines, see the familiar scene will start acting acting spree". From the Stephen Chow version of "Tang Bohu" scholar in tears "Jack" send "Tang Bohu" to drive somersault cloud to fight monsters "Sun Wukong" OD, the moment in the normal and different roles switch between a "horse" can let him become non-stop express "chatter kang". Finally, even as the doctor Venus are led astray, imperceptibly into "Titanic" in the "Rose", and become the "Jack" OD bow staged a classic scene. In just a few minutes Li Ou brother can be turned into a number of classic.相关的主题文章:

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