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Jia Ling: Tell Chen is cheap adorable Chen Deng Chaolai in propaganda combination [Abstract] in "comedy story" Jia Ling, Chen He first, this group of dedicated CP sketch "Hello, Li Huanying", let everyone laugh Meixinmeifei, also let you cry in a complete mess. Jia Ling, Chen – "Hello Li Huanying" stills partner Jia Ling Chen recalled his mother through time "Hello," cried Li Huanying! Tencent entertainment news (text Fang Fang) in the comedy "Nemo" first, Jia Ling Chen He, this group of dedicated CP sketch "Hello, Li Huanying", let everyone laugh Meixinmeifei, also let you cry in a complete mess. Second, they once again with sketch "Titanic" to "Jiekehe" and "shredded meat Ling" Huobian network. Yesterday, Chen, Jia Ling’s "big talk" entertainment Tencent honey, both "up" and "doing things", claiming to be "cheap adorable combination", the whole process of Jia Ling lively chat, users also shouted generous gestures, to send a gift to fans, Chen is ridicule Li Chen said crosstalk, propaganda Deng Chao I hope the "super brother as soon as possible to participate in" general mobilization "". Chen claimed to play comedy pressure, Jia Ling was afraid of the audience to watch the first phase of the program, many years old friend partner Ling, Chen Hyuk, according to the story of the story of Jia Ling’s personal adaptation, Hello, Li Huanying, moved to the stage. Works by Jia Ling and the mother in front of playing to foil the good atmosphere between mother and daughter happy. However, due to an unfortunate accident, the mother died, Jia Ling crossed to the mother when he was young, and met in this time with her daughter through a series of funny stories. The sketch let Jia Ling and Chen won the first, but we do not know the story behind the scenes a lot, in yesterday’s "big talk" honey, Chen whole hearty laughter, but also with the host, users interact jokes, but talk about the creative process, he admits that after many years later on the stage actually great pressure and want to play good, for him is the most important rehearsal, almost overnight in rehearsal. As for the two tacit cooperation, Jia Ling said understanding nature is not to say, but she said with a smile: "we were a cheap one adorable, cheap of course was small hehe, because he played the role I think are cheap feeling." Don’t look at Jia Ling heartless ridicule Chen said, "Hello, Li Huanying", she becomes the second serious: "I do this" Hello, Li Huanying "this works very disturbed. I remember well, with screenwriter partners said that staged a tragic story in a comedy stage, the audience will not scold. He said it does not matter, you are talking to the audience, talk, the audience will be particularly tolerant. I can see now that everyone is really special. Because, see a barrage of time, see you hit "Hello, Li Huanying", when hit the mother’s name, I was very touched, proud." Jia Ling said that has not received its invite Chen shouted "Deng Chao" in the comedy show Honey talk are full of jokes Chen Hehe Jia Ling, I really have a feeling to listen to the dialogue, the host could not help but ask them not to think a comedy? Chen he blew: "really wanted," Jia Ling added: "small Yue Yue not promised to write comic to us.相关的主题文章:

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