Jiang Ling Mou released osmo+ handheld cameras add PTZ zoom lens-synnex

Jiang Ling Mou released Osmo+ handheld cameras add PTZ zoom lens new Ling Mou Osmo+ Phoenix Technology News News August 25th, Xinjiang today announced that the Ling Mou Osmo handheld cameras with zoom camera head combined with the launch of the first optical zoom function handheld camera PTZ + OSMO Ling mou. For the keen to use Ling Mou Osmo shot clear and sharp and detailed images of the people, the spirit of the MOU Osmo+ to create a new function for the Xinjiang innovation Senior Product Manager Paul Pan said, "from the dynamic image to the panoramic details to time-lapse photography, the new zoom function Osmo+ will once again expand the ability of hand shooting equipment, improve the limit of imagination." Ling Mou is equipped with Osmo+ meditation X3 zoom camera through 3.5 optical zoom, 2 times lossless digital zoom (lossless digital zoom only supports 1080p resolution) to achieve 7 times the focal length, 22 mm to 77 mm focal length without sacrificing HD cases. It is with the recent release of the "Enlightenment" Inspire 1 Zen equipped with man-machine system ZenmuseZ3 zoom camera (not interchangeable) similar. Ling Mou Osmo+ can help you to easily record the passage of time. Just select the start and stop position, and click the "start" button, you can create a time-lapse photography task, accurate control of the lens trajectory, no more specialized equipment. Osmo+ Ling Mou can shoot 4K 30fps Ultra HD video, 1080p 100fps slow motion video, use the built-in microphone handle can be directly recorded live sound clear, support Adobe DNGRAW1200 megapixel photo shoot, easy to edit. Ling Mou Osmo+ can also use DJI GO application procedure. Its main accessories include three tripod, bicycle bracket and extension rod. Ling Mou Osmo+ hand official price at China mainland pan tilt camera for 3999 yuan.相关的主题文章:

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