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Jiangsu Suqian sixty elderly 32 years adhere to the flag of hundreds of flag – Beijing, Beijing, September 30 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Liu Lin) 30 day at 6:58 in the morning, accompanied by the national anthem, Zhao Lunbo old man holding a flag, walking is customized to flag before red flag after the old grave Mourinho saluting. Zhao Lunbo, who lives in the Suqian economic and Technological Development Zone, 32 years, he insisted on raising the flag in front of his door every morning. Speaking to flag the original intention of the approach seventy years of age Zhao Lunbo was deep in thought. The old man said, when the National Day in 1984, he saw on TV to celebrate the 35 anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China military parade, the parade on the link to deeply touched. "I really want to see the flag raising tears, tall flagpole, bright five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, fluttering sound, Yang Guowei is ah!" The old man regrets, he went to the store on the same day, please return to the side of the flag, the next morning on the doorstep of the national flag. The flag rises after Zhao Lunbo to salute the flag. Liu Lin photo "I began to sing the National Anthem side are the side of the national flag and then have a recorder to play the National Anthem flag." Zhao Lunbo said, parents living when he saw the national flag every day, said he was right. "There is a person who said I was full of support, time for a long time, we all agree with the." 30 am, at the Zhao Lunbo home, the old man out of a cardboard box, which is all folded neatly flag. The old man told reporters that the flag on average three times a year to change, for the old flag down, they will be carefully folded close together, more than 30 years down, has replaced nearly a hundred flags. The old man introduced himself after graduation in the commune of dry water conservancy work, replaced the rural commune, when accounting, director at the time of the Gengche town agricultural machinery factory in 1979, returned to the water conservancy department work. In 80s, my monthly salary is only 20 yuan, while a flag to $45. His wife blame me, I said half of my salary to buy a flag." Zhao Lunbo said with a smile, his wife is trying to do the work, is because of the party and the country’s good policy, people will bid farewell to poverty. "Then I also figured out that people must have a thought, Patriotic Party is a good thing, I support him." His wife Cai Peiying interrupted, "what he said is reasonable." Family support Zhao Lunbo is keen on the flag, "we old couple weekend flag, the kids back more lively, five or six people lined up to salute the flag." Neighbor master Hu said, beginning the neighbors are not to regard it as right admire him, then, "now hear our song, I will go to attend the farewell ceremony." In addition to the rain, as long as the weather permits, raising the national flag is the first thing Zhao Lunbo will do every day. The spring of 2011, Zhao Lunbo suffering from prostatitis 8 days of hospitalization, on account of the eldest son of Zhao Benli, to the hospital he can, the flag must also rises. In this way, his family raised the flag has not been interrupted. "When he is old, his son should insist on raising the national flag every day, his son is old, and his grandson will raise the national flag every day相关的主题文章:

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