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Jiaxing owners did not pull the car keys two boys playing car battery battery tricycle parked two girls, do not pull the car keys away, thought out for a few minutes will be fine. Unexpectedly, two children climbed to play, the car will start the two-year-old girl killed. Recently, the Jiaxing Tongxiang people’s court accepted the case. Last September, one day, the boy Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) to drive a battery tricycle back to their shops, the car parked in front of the store on the open space. Soon heard a loud noise, next door owner 2 year old daughter was reluctant to be hit by a battery tricycle hit the shutter door. Unfortunately, reluctant to send the hospital died. How can a parked car hit a dead person? It turned out that Xiaoming did not get off the car after the key in a timely manner, Xiaoming 4 year old brother and the next owner of the shop, the son of the age of 5 climbed on the battery tricycle. Reluctant to see two little brother to play, broke away from the arms of Grandpa and grandma, want to play together. Who would have thought, when the battery tricycle unexpectedly started, hit the little girl. After the incident, the two compensation matters can not be negotiated, the little girl’s parents sued the court. Tongxiang court held that: not pull out the key behavior and the case of damage related consequences, the little girl’s death to Xiaoming bear some liability; the plaintiff will be handed over to the care of elderly parents of young girls under two years of age, letting their daughter play in the play in the side of the road, also not far away from the vehicle, not the guardian responsible for accident is also the fault. Ultimately, the court mediation, the two reached a compensation agreement of 165 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章:

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