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Jining 13 year old boy playing mobile phone game brush equipment cheated in August 11th -, Jiaxiang police in conjunction with the Shantou police arrested zhang. Police for map hand travel across the line of fire, 13 year old junior players in the game to buy a virtual diamond brush QQ game equipment, never realized that this is a scam. QQ on the other end of the 21 year old Zhang himself can not remember the time of the month of the month to deceive the small music many times, anyway, he received a total of more than 80 thousand yuan, most of the day is $30 thousand, the night went to the bar a good night of fun. If it is not a small music sister found her mother’s brother on the phone chats, the scam will continue. In August 11th, Jining Jiaxiang police went to Guangdong Chaozhou for 9 days and the suspects will be escorted back to the Jiaxiang County Detention center. To buy a "diamond" brush equipment for five months was more than and 10 times in a section called "Cross Fire" mobile phone games, want to quickly become the only way to master is to buy virtual diamond in QQ interested tribal communities can be found everywhere to sell the diamond card. Small music is a junior player, his mother’s cell phone is his game machine". In February of this year, he saw in the interest of the tribe to buy brush brush equipment, upgrade, the post, he chose a high praise of the store with the seller’s QQ chat up. The seller’s nickname is "QQ three years old orders", the signature is for Cross Fire, thunder fighter, parkour diamonds every day". QQ add after the seller will soon have a response, let the small music spend 50 yuan to buy the qq COINS recharge to the specified QQ. Then, the seller said the need to pay 100 yuan verification fee. Said the account unlock failed to allow him to continue remittances, or bank account, QQ number, game account will be frozen. In March 12th, a small music through her mother’s Alipay account to the seller account remittance 1100 yuan. March 19th, the seller once again notified him to verify the failure, the need to pay 26400 yuan verification fee, the money is in the game terminal, after the verification of all the money will automatically return to the bank account. The seller’s growing appetite, in March 26th, the seller said the need for the terminal administrator fee of 30 thousand yuan guarantee. All the money to come back. Small music is very obedient to the seller said, from March to July, to four Alipay remittances to different QQ filled qq COINS, a dozen times total cheated 80 thousand yuan, and the seller in accordance with the instructions every time after completion of the money exchange will delete records. He worried that his mother found the bank card less money, but also afraid of their game account or come back. Accidentally see the chat record only to know if the child suffered fraud if the sister found a chat record, this scam does not know when to stop. In late July, Le Le’s mother found that the phone is always out of the QQ information, I feel very tired, so that small sister to help unload the music. My sister curiously opened, that is the younger brother of small Le QQ, view chat after two female dumbfounded. "All money remittance, such as dialogue, mother second days to go to the bank found that less than 80 thousand yuan, the transfer of the transaction records, found that from March to July 21st have game consumption." Little happy sister said. At home)相关的主题文章:

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