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Arts-and-Entertainment I’ve been a subscriber to .flix for a couple of years and consider it to be among the greatest entertainment investments I’ve ever made. For several pounds a month I’ve watched hundreds of great shows and enjoy new films on a regular basis, it’s amazing value. Yet something occurred last year that made it even better, something I wish to give you. Everything occurred when my partner and I got seriously addicted to the Scifi series – Lost, you know the one where they’re stuck on a desert island. It was a few years after launch but .flix had all 70 odd episodes and we saw one nights for weeks. Then suddenly we sat down to see, episode 50 something and I really couldn’t locate it anywhere. I believed this was a temporary glitch but a week later it still had not returned, so I started searching the web. In among the posts that are incensed I discovered online, a clue was that I followed up. Apparently it was just the UK variant of .flix which had deleted Lost, due to a licensing issue. It still existed in the United States and Canadian version of .flix, still it remained ‘Lost’. To my surprise, .flix redirected me to the US variant instead and noticed I was in a different state. Also there recorded in my favorites I really could see ‘Lost’ available once more. I did some more research and found out that it was through my IP address that my location was ascertained by .flix and decided which version I should see, as soon as I returned home. .flix is in fact an international account and your subscription simply follows you around wherever you happen to be. Fortunately I understood as I’d used the trick to watch the BBC online when on foreign holidays that it was possible to change your IP address. I logged into .flix and found a means to switch my address temporarily to your US one. I was instantly rerouted to the far superior US version again, and effectively doubled the quantity of films accessible to me. So if you are experiencing difficulties getting videos or different websites, or would like to get the greatest value from your .flix account – you must understand also. Merely search for information on Smart DNS, Us .flix and proxies – you will be happy you did. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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