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SEO Here is the importance of landing page optimization mentioned along with some tactics to harness the benefits of this process. Landing page optimization is also known as LPO and a broader part of the internet marketing process. The aim of this online operation is to improve the number of visitors to a particular website. Also, it has the goal to convert these visitors into sales. What is a landing page? A landing page is that webpage when a person clicks on the advertisement or even on the link. This webpage has extended information about the advertisement or the product and services. 5 Tactics for landing page optimization: 1)Knowing the right technique: It is important to know how to keep it simple and when to keep it too. There might be certain business that would need exciting and circus like landing page. But for some it has to be sharp and precise. Hence you need to keep your landing page simple and clearly focused. Make it easier for the visitor on the landing page the information easy to digest. Making use of short paragraphs and if possible bullet pointers would be ideal. 2)Let them know about the location: Many confused internet users do not know where they have landed by clicking a particular link. If your landing page does not help the person with precise information, then it would be a failure of landing page optimization. Help them understand where they have been transported to. May be a little wel.e note in the beginning of the page would be helpful. 3)Do not Take Over: There are certain landing pages that try to act smart and trick the users. They think that by confusing the users they can fool them into the schemes. However do not that if you frustrate your visitor, you might lose out on him forever. Such users can simply choose other browsers and would be gone forever. 4)Call to Action: The landing page should have simple call to action. There are some people who click on the very first link and they land themselves on the landing pages. While there are others who need in depth information before they follow some link or advertisements. So if your landing pages have multi stage process you need to track the process. See where your site loses on people and try to work on that stage. When you spend money on building landing pages, you need to check on them and keep updating to actually optimize them. 5)No escape routes: Do not let your visitor side track with other options. This might give them the chance to lose focus from staying on the page and buying the product or hiring the service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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