Kunlun Hongxing Road 3-2 reversal Lectra LADA integral to eastern section 10– of the Shaanxi-zhuxianduowan

Kunlun Hongxing Road 3-2 reversal Lectra LADA   integral to eastern section 10– of the Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Kunlun Hongxing Road reverse 3-2 Lectra rise East tenth China LADA integral player Yingru dysprosium and goalkeeper Makarov celebrate people.com.cn on 12 October, Beijing time October 12th morning, in Beijing KHL Kunlun Hongxing ice hockey the ice hockey team from the club – Vanke dragon road good news. Twice in the deficit, Kunlun Hongxing with strong play in the final 3:2 beat toliatti LADA, win eighth regular season, ranking rose to the Eastern Conference tenth. This game is the first battle of Kunlun Hongxing recent three consecutive road games, the previous team record of 7 wins and 8 losses, 21 points; rival Togliatti Rada with 7 wins and 9 wins and 1 negative, 2 penalty penalty score 26 points behind in eighth place. You can even become Togliatti Kunlun Hongxing "lucky city", in mid August of this year, the newly established Kunlun Hongxing attended the 2016 LADA cup, winning all four games in three games, ranking five teams in the third final, including a match 4 to 0 victory over the lada. Since then, the two teams in Shanghai in September 18th and had a confrontation, when Kunlun Hongxing 4:2 victory. Kunlun Hongxing captain Jane Yalasiwalaben game back?. 5 minutes before the first day, the Kunlun Hongxing did not show don’t adapt to the environment, but turn from a guest into a host took the initiative. However, the game is to score first in the Rada, Kunlun Hong star striker Damien Fleury? Throw the ball in his own half, LADA player Andre? Ivanov in position to shoot on target is blocked, an ambush on the post Alexander bumagin up Kongmen succeed?. This goal has not affected the Kunlun super star player’s mentality, they are still the defensive end to LADA implementation tremendous pressure. Twelfth minutes, the team’s efforts finally paid off. Mika Lahti live? Weather Rada players on the right wall personal closing down, try a small angle shot, the ball was the goalkeeper to stop Iraq Elijah? Zuof Marx? Wahn front, Kunlun hosonic’s top scorer Kongmen heart gift, 1:1. After seeing the hope of victory, Kunlun Hongxing players in the second quarter of the game was a bit impatient, so the referee blew foul. Twenty-sixth minutes, such as the English club goalkeeper dysprosium in trip was in 2 minute penalty, then use a number of advantages by LADA Suote Nackers in front of Krista Phillips? Tongshe score ahead again. Twenty-eighth minutes, the Chinese player Yuan Junjie and other players in the Yalasiwala defensive attack Nikita? That, when suspected of attacking the opponent was in the brain, 2+10 minutes of penalty. Thirtieth minutes, Kunlun Hongxing also won the game for the first time the strong chance, and in 20 seconds after scored a goal. Mika Lahti received fellow Finland card?? mantela pass on the right, precise shot spy)相关的主题文章:

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