Kunming 1-8 month and not official issue 160 105 people accountable – Beijing-stand by me shinee

To investigate the Kunming 1-8 crown is not the problem of 160 105 people accountable – Beijing, according to the Kunming Municipal Commission yesterday’s news, since this year, Kunming city discipline inspection organs at all levels through the special discipline inspection to correct and prevent "not as messy as" outstanding problems. As of August, the city’s total and not as messy as "issue 160, interviewed 51 people, 105 people including: accountability, Party discipline 25 people, organizations dealing with 25 people, 59 people of accountability. "Southeast of Kunming around the Yiliang highway land acquisition and demolition work in advancing slowly, affecting 2 units of the project were criticized for 6 persons responsible for admonishing conversation reminded instructed the two towns involved to the rectification of a written commitment……" This is just a microcosm of Kunming city governance "is not an official". This year, the Kunming Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to clear the focus of regulation, on the various departments at all levels in Dianchi steady growth, governance, poverty alleviation, investment, maintaining social stability, safety, fire protection, the illegal buildings renovation, general work and "three major" system implementation 10 aspects are "not" "as a" lazy "slow as chaos as problems, deep investigation, investigation of fine, verified, so the situation is clear, clear base, quasi digital. City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments to set up 8 special discipline inspection group, each county (city) district has set up a special discipline inspection group, strengthen the upper and lower linkage. Municipal discipline inspection group to check the county, first listen to the work report on the County inspection group, according to the situation and then checks the specific work. At the same time, the city and county level two special discipline inspection to achieve weekly documentary, monthly checks, quarterly assessment, half a summary, the annual summary, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee to listen to a quarterly report on the work of the inspection team. County (city) District, development zone, municipal units (holiday) found problems, 8 municipal discipline inspection group special rectification requirements, and follow up the implementation of the rectification. At the same time, formulated to improve the work style of close ties with the masses, to correct the four winds, saving the style of construction and the construction of the system of 47, unannounced visits, investigation, accountability, exposure and evaluation mechanism, the establishment of the "five in one" composed of 512 cadres and the masses of the style construction of social supervisors, extensive collection of clues. Strengthen supervision and inspection. (Yunnan Information Daily reporter Li Jing)相关的主题文章:

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