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La Liga – Modri long-range regret box half temporary 0-0 – Real Madrid CELTA Beijing time on August 28th at 2:15 in the morning sports Sohu, 2016-2017 season, the Spanish Football League second round usher in a focus of the war, Real Madrid at the Bernabeu home court against celta. The first half of the game pitted, but did not break, Modric long shots hit the crossbar, half of Harding Park, the two teams being tied 0-0. The two teams in the league history has played 100 times, Real Madrid with 56 wins and 15 draws and 29 losses, 224 goals and scoring 132 goals in the home court, the Milky Way prevailed, 50 warships and Galician team score of 39 wins 5 flat 6 negative, scoring 150 goals to lose 42 balls. Real Madrid once in the League against CELTA is 2013-2014 season thirty-seventh round, when Enrique led the team to 2-0 win over Real Madrid in the 1 round exit ahead of the Milky Way battleship League championship. While Real Madrid on a home court losing to CELTA is in the 2006-2007 season, the ninth round, when Capello led the team to lose 1-2. Real Madrid last season 1-3 away, 7-1 home court beat celta. Compared to the previous league’s starting lineup, the current round of Zidane’s first 11 people on the choice made only the adjustment of the 1: Modri lifted the comeback, replacing the return of the first round of the return of the. In other positions, casiglia as a goalkeeper, Valane and Ramos partner Marcello Carvajal and halfback combination, composed of left and right side guard. Casey Milo plays the sapper midfielder, Toni cross and Modri midfield duo. Striker Baer, Asensio morata and three arrows. In addition, C Ronaldo, Isko Benzema, Navas, Fabio Coentrao injured, Nacho defeated Pepe for technical reasons, this season for the first time to enter the list, the B team has Mariano and Nicks got called clarke. Thirteenth minutes before the forbidden area left morata volley the ball flying out of the left bottom. After 1 minutes, Modric before the forbidden area right foot heavy shelling door, hit the ball is blocked in the back. Nineteenth minutes, before the gas restricted area right foot hit the door in Real Madrid defender pop up. Twenty-first minutes, Guyana Guidetti before sending the pass gas, restricted Youlei foot hit the door, casiglia saved the ball. 1 minutes later, CELTA midfield ball form back, Banggongda received gas pass back in the forbidden area left rib left foot shot hit the side net. Twenty-fourth minutes, Banggongda restricted left side of left foot shot dapian. Twenty-eighth minutes before Modri left the ball suddenly heavy shelling door, the ball hit the crossbar, Real Madrid almost break. Thirtieth minutes, Marcello assists to the front and sent the ball to Arsenal Theo outflanking foot hit the door side, then Marcello sent the ball again, Casey Milo ultra long distance foot hit the door dapian. Thirty-second minutes, Baer sent the wing cross, Modric foot volley was closed before CELTA goalkeeper, she then opened the front corner, Baer header top side. 1 minutes later, Casey Milo midfielder angrily pushed, but the referee did not make any decision. Fortieth minutes, Baer received the Valane pass, left the restricted area before the cannon dapian. Pedicel相关的主题文章:

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