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LA PERLA spring 2017 ad (Note: This article belongs to publish business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only) LA PERLA released a new series of spring and summer of 2017 ad, broken glass, sexy bra and antique tights. These symbolic photos were selected by the American photographer Steven Klein to interpret the new LA PERLA 2017 spring and summer advertising an important concept: each woman freed from the shackles of beauty. The evolution of style, in the female form and luxurious fabrics and exquisite craft, due to the deep understanding of the brand and how to promote and praise of female body. In the Steven Klein camera, LA PERLA 2017 spring and summer clothing and lingerie, Beachwear series to show a different kind of style, the unique personality of great impact to the visual effect of the highlights of the three series of new supermodel on behalf of the spirit. Kendall Jenner to become the new face of the LA PERLA advertising blockbusters, by LA PERLA creative director Julia Haart personally selected to interpret the brand’s unique path of innovation. Kendall · modern charm of Jenna so that each piece of clothing are distinctive, at a glance, she wears the dress also highlights the modern and elegant self-confidence. Isabeli Fontana second LA PERLA as a brand ambassador for exit, give each dress her Latin flavor of life, to praise women iconic enchanting curve. Liu Wen, as among the ranks of the international advanced Chinese first supermodel, continued as La Perla in the Far East ambassador, to show their sexy and charming side. Photograph by Steven Klein advertising is divided into a series of bright color, with silk fabrics and unique photos, not only show the underwear of the soul, and represents the Julia Haart as creative director of the new office since clothing series. This season, the film was shot in New York and was directed by art director Fabien Baron. Double stretch silk short jacket with floral printing patterns, and double elastic silk printed tights perfect match. Python Ada bag is showing a shiny metal effect. "Autografo" embroidered Jumpsuit with transparent gauze inserts, interpretation of the charm of the double shadow Strait terrain pattern through the elastic silk dresses beautifully printed, and the shirt collar, side slits and hand embroidered sequins to show the charm of details Macramè silk dress pattern as the selected materials, the perfect interpretation of fashion underwear the rules of embroidery in elastic silk dress on the "Autografo" logo, and black inserts highlights the special charm of "Autografo" is used in embroidery sexy nude Tulle charming neckline highlights the Triangle Bra and thong Tulle embroidery on the "Autografo" pattern相关的主题文章:

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