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Li Jiacheng investment without a cow’s milk green original title: eating veggie burgers, Li Jiacheng also invested cattle without environmental protection milk, saving 98% of the water earlier heard that one made Rice-meat dumplings opened the door to the new world. Unexpectedly, in the United States, and a company called Perfect Day (perfect day) of the company, make to cow’s milk, saving 98% of the water, was also Li Jiacheng invested ~ let us have a look ~ milk reform: sustainable development, compassion, delicious the milk is how to make Perfect Day the milk production and brewing beer similar. They use yeast and the old fermentation process to produce milk protein. The process of making artificial milk is as follows: first purchase a yeast strain called Buttercup in the United States Department of agriculture; then put the plant sugar and yeast together with fermentation, producing casein whey (two main protein in milk); DNA sequence and then get your (not involving any selected cells). Use the 3D printer to print out; put into these gene sequences in the yeast; plus common nutritional vegetable fat in milk and milk; to produce both taste and texture, and do not need to participate in the milk of dairy cows. "You can’t drink the difference between Perfect Day and regular milk," says founder Rayn. Figure Perfect official products containing milk protein Day in milk, so milk made of the cheese and cheese will really have a similar taste and because Perfect ~ Day milk production in the laboratory environment, can be free to regulate nutrient ratio in milk, so it will not have the milk in the presence of cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics. (industrial farming to increase the chance of disease animal, animal and eat the antibiotics residues in milk in a crowded environment is more likely to breed bacteria) milk keywords Perfect Day: delicious, high protein, no lactose, no hormones, no antibiotics, steroids, cholesterol and healthier food, longer storage time Perfect Day, of earth friendly birth Perfect Day (perfect day) the company’s name comes from a Meng Meng Da story: in 2001, British scientists found in cows listen to Perfect Day this kind of relaxing music, will secrete more milk. When Ryan and Perumal founded the company in 2014, suddenly think of this story, think they can create their own perfect day, so the Perfect Day is the name of the company, and the establishment of the company in the American city of San Francisco. Perfect Day’s two founders: the left is Ryan, the right is Perumal. They are now 25 years old, and the other is only about the age of 24…… In order to protect the earth’s environment and the interests of animals, the two founders are trying to become a vegan.相关的主题文章:

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