Li Kun shine Paris Fashion Week show on-line domineering king of the wind darren hayes

Li Kun who shine Paris Fashion Week show on-line domineering king of the wind Paris fashion week 2017 to attract a large number of overseas entertainment and fashion circles to see, a time Paris became the star show. Beijing satellite TV actress Li Kun in full embroidery modified China style cheongsam Paris fashion week debut, to show the beauty of Chinese, making international friends as the acme of perfection. Li Kun graceful posture highlights China cheongsam on the body is strict, tight design shows Li Kun good figure, unique cuff design show the king of the wind, the gold dress totem is bright blind people, the beautiful panoramic view, domineering. The Li Kun was invited to participate in the Heaven Gaia 2017 spring summer fashion conference, which is China clothing debut in Paris fashion week, a big show of great momentum China elements shine Paris. While Li Kun has been the darling of the brand, in the evening, awards and grand occasions have with the brand cooperation, Li Kun has always been to the atmosphere, dignified, elegant impression, as the Heaven Gaia big show guests is undoubtedly the best candidate for China Li Kun wind perfect interpretation. Add a unique charm China for Paris fashion week, is the icing on the cake. In fact, in life, Li Kun has always been at the forefront of fashion. In the journey to Paris, Li Kun at the airport in McQueen2016 new winter, dark red suit with introverted poise, Gucci white shoes and collocation Fendi backpack, instantly with a youthful atmosphere, the full sense of the students. In the streets of Paris, a group of interesting street is the fashion sense of bursting, cowboy jacket and black pants, a Li Kun slender straight leg, sunglasses and hat of the British style retro single product with not to dress style, handsome style. Another group of white dress and bucket bag collocation will combine the Western elements of the perfect, lovely hair wearing a vintage and naughty. In addition to cross foot fashion, in recent years, Li Kun is a foot of all kinds of industry can be described, from the media, as a producer, director, when comedy line everything, she served as executive director of the "most beautiful harmony" has become the second season of Beijing TV’s flagship program, in addition, she also directed the scene comedy variety chat show "the taste of happiness", last week she starred in the TV comedy crossover, rave reviews, but also caused a hot love daughter. It is understood that Li Kun ended the trip to Paris after the non-stop rush back to recording her new show, and the Saturday night comedy cross-border Wang Li Kun will once again challenge the comedy, there will be other more stunning debut, exciting.相关的主题文章:

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