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Liu Xiaoqing will appear in the drama "the Queen" and as Wu Zetian – Liu Xiaoqing will appear in the production and entertainment Sohu "drama queen" Wu Zetian Sohu entertainment news (text ah package) and producer Liu Xiaoqing will be starring drama "the Queen" (Empress), and the "power producer in the game" (Game of Thrones) executive producer Chris Newman (Christopher Newman), and K.Jam star media media company CEO Nokia? Jim (Kia Jam). This drama is still in development, is expected to be aired on 2018, has not yet signed a contract with any one platform. Liu Xiaoqing has starred in the 4 time in 1995, the first broadcast in, "Wu Zetian" is starring in the film, "the film" is the first time in. This is the star of the media CEO Peter Luo contacted Liu Xiaoqing again starred in this classic role. Wu Zetian is China in Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-906) ruler, is China history the first female emperor, Liu Xiaoqing said in an interview: "the female emperor’s life has experienced a lot of men, but she only loyal to a man, that is her husband. She has two qualities that we have yet to show to the Chinese audience – the cruelty and the desire to kill all the ministers who disagree with her." The 61 year old Liu Xiaoqing in 70s had won several hundred flowers award, on star Wu Zetian she said: "I hope through this female emperor’s story, the audience can know the history of woman’s existence can not be ignored and segmentation, history has never involved in women, once, there will be back."相关的主题文章:

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