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Liverpool: a new prospective home court debut Leicester Feng BA or slaughter – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 11th at 0:30 in the morning, the 201617 Premier League season, the fourth round of the focus of the war started, Liverpool at Anfield against defending champion Leicester city. Clash record 43 games in the history of the game will be the 104 time, Liverpool, the top 24 wins and 37 losses, a slight advantage, including the league’s top 20 wins and 34 losses. The second round of the Premier League last season, Liverpool 0-2 away defeat to Leicester City, the end of the battle for 7 consecutive games 5 wins, 2 unbeaten. At Anfield, Liverpool Premier League season 1-0 victory over Leicester City, the last battle defeat dates back to May 2000, when the Red Army 0-2 defeat, after 5 wins and 1 draws unbeaten home court 4. The first three Premier League finish, two teams have 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative record. Aspect 1: the opening of the new Anfield stadium this summer, the expansion of the Anfield stadium in Liverpool, the main seat of the new increase of about 8000 seats, the number of seats increased to 54 thousand stadium. For Liverpool, increased seat means revenue growth, but the expansion of the stadium affected the team’s schedule, led directly to the new season all four games away from home, respectively 4-3 reversal A Senna (Premier League), 0-2 defeat to Burnley (Premier League), 5-0 Burton (League Cup) and 1-1 Tottenham (Premier League) the war, Burnley should be at Anfield, but the Anfield was not completed, was forced to adjust the schedule. The Premier League against Leicester will be the opening of the new Anfield stadium. Part two: Liverpool Premier League opener unbeaten home court fear of death in the past 12 seasons, Liverpool new season in the Premier League first home court were unbeaten 8 wins 4 flat, over the past three seasons are wins, but only one goal difference. It is necessary to point out that the last time Liverpool failed to win the Premier League’s first home court in the 200304 season, at that time at Anfield in a 1-2 defeat to Chelsea, and served as the Blues boss is led Leicester city to create the miracle of Ranieri; once again met Ranieri, Liverpool could continue this record, let us wait and see. In addition, there is a record at home in Liverpool, the past 12 games, the same 8 wins and 4 flat unbeaten. If Liverpool lost, many records will be dead. Aspect three: Valdivia or re opened fire according to statistics, Valdivia past 7 Premier League games and scored 6 goals, the last round of the Premier League, the England striker this season first goal, to help Leicester City home court 2-1 Lectra Swansea, get the new season first victory. The second round of the Premier League last season, Liverpool away to Leicester City game, Valdivia plum to open two degrees, one small angle volley ball is particularly exciting, the final victory 2-0. Valdivia now face the Liverpool defensive line, like the paper, the first three Premier League games lost 6 balls, the Premier League 20 teams, only two teams worse than Liverpool. Before the game相关的主题文章:

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