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Love letter? "The next station, Li Xiaoran farewell" identity a mystery Li Xiaoran stills "station, farewell" Li Xiaoran Sina entertainment news recently, directed by Pan Yue, Li Xiaoran, Yu Hewei [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Vivian Wu, who starred in the "next stop" series of drama "station, farewell" exposure a group of officials. Still, Li Xiaoran holding a letter or a brilliant smile, or sweet red rose was offered. Much speculation is one of stills, Li Xiaoran’s side with a little girl who was back shoulder bag, it also allows users to play in her identity again with interest. "Station," the focus of the parting nowadays are quietly popular "incapable of love", tells the story of the older 3S lady (Li Xiaoran ornaments) and the summer of love downhearted autumn sun (Yu Hewei ornaments), because of their own problems, began a figurehead of the marriage contract, gradually re comprehend life and the true meaning of love the story. This summer, Li Xiaoran is a sharp male doctor, the cause of the typical "woman", although the Kochi Yan value, has been on the road of love waves. This year, three of Li Xiaoran’s plays have been shown on TV screens. "Brothers and sisters" in smart, dare to love and hate Tang Xiaoxue; "chasing" in naivete, grow into independent female great lady Fu cloud; temperament and is the hit Spy Drama "sparrow" revolution, out of faith at the expense of the "prime minister" Shen Qiuxia. Each character is distinctive, vivid interpretation of Li Xiaoran. The new stills exposure, many of the audience to start the works of Li Xiaoran, looking forward to: "not only to find more stills, trailers." "Look at the still more calm down, don’t ask anything else, ask what time broadcast?"相关的主题文章:

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