Mainland tourists to buy ten bags of Losangeles Airport to pay the money to pay attention to note ca freyja

Mainland tourists to buy ten bags of Losangeles Airport to pay the money to remind the attention of credit card – the same transaction in the new network, the amount of the difference between the two receipts of ten times, holding UnionPay card consumption tourists need to pay attention to. (the "world news" Ms. yuan for map) Chinese overseas network on 14 October, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the China mainland tourists to the United States "buy buy buy" is not news, a lot of tourists in the Chinese payment using UnionPay credit card (Union Pay), the latest case the amount of credit card wrong accident to remind visitors, be careful at the time of payment. Losangeles friends of the city of Ms. Yuan said that 11 local time in the morning, she sent a friend to go back to China, mr.. Although Mr. Wang can’t speak English, he plans to buy things at the airport duty-free shops. After the plane arrived in Chongqing, Mr. Wang complained to Ms. yuan, said he bought a $357 package at the airport but received a receipt of two. One shows $357, while the other shows a $3027. Wang said, was due to catch the plane, so did not notice a huge difference in the amount of two receipts, and so he returned to China, it was found that less than 20 thousand yuan in the card, so quickly call the bank to confirm. The bank told him that his card was indeed brush more than 20 thousand yuan, about $more than 3 thousand. Mr. Wang believes that the airport duty-free shops this year occurred China tourists because of suspected theft of credit card and the clerk clerk slapped the case, he worried that they will encounter the clerk "plot" card was fraudulent, secretly. However, due to return to China, but the language barrier, hoping to get justice, and to remind Chinese tourists to be careful. "World daily" reporter called the merchant, the manager Faine Davis made a response, indicating that 11 did happen such an event. She said that the two receipts, a merchant to the receipt, the amount is correct. One is UnionPay card receipts, the amount of error. And the cause of the error, is the transfer system and the general UnionPay POS system is not the same, UnionPay trading system must the manual input amount, which may lead to errors, 11 clerk entered the wrong amount, but the staff and consumers were not found. Until more than two hours later, the store only to find the problem, but the aircraft had flown, and stores no consumer contact telephone number, they are also waiting for consumers to contact them to refund as soon as possible. Davis said that this is a common mistake, not deliberately fraudulent credit card. If it is stolen brush, will not give consumers a spot to prove that I have stolen your $3000 receipt, no pirates will give the victim a receipt. She said that this had never happened before, this is the first time. She was very sorry, and to provide information to reporters, I hope that the consumer can contact her in a timely manner in order to refund the amount of deduction. This incident also reminded UnionPay cardholders in the United States, we must pay attention to the amount of the two receipts are consistent, to prevent the clerk due to negligence led to the amount of credit card and the actual amount of consumption varies greatly. Although afterwards can be相关的主题文章:

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