Man derailed after forced to divorce his wife with new home bed was his wife cut anger zuczug

Man derailed after forced to divorce his wife with new home bed with wife anger cut the original title: man with new home was his ex-wife chopped red net Changde on September 27th news (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Qin Jian correspondent Yang Xiaojuan Wang Weixiang) Changde Taoyuan man zoumou derailed after his wife chopped knife, rushed to the hospital. In September 26th, the Taoyuan police informed the relevant circumstances, his ex-wife Mary (a pseudonym) in the police persuaded to surrender, has been under criminal detention according to law. September 20th at 1 pm, Taoyuan County Public Security Bureau police station received 110 Longtan County Bureau telephone instructions: the husband said a woman chopped knife, the man was seriously injured, the death of relatives is unknown, has been sent to the city of Changde armed police hospital. After the alarm, police on duty to call the informant’s telephone details, unexpectedly, the informant Mary is the perpetrators. The police through the phone Mary feel nervous, so to appease and persuade her to surrender to the police station to explain the situation. After police patience persuasion, half an hour later, Mary came to the police station to surrender. Zou due to injury is unknown, on duty police ordered the night with Mary to Taoyuan County Public Security Bureau lien and inquiry, investigation and understand the injury. After a night of surgery, Zou has been out of danger. According to Mary account, since their 2003 wedding and Zou, the relationship is harmonious, since January 2015 her husband know a young woman of 25 years old, late more and more. Mary expects her husband to take care of children, family reunification. For the convenience of communication with the young woman, Zou asked Mary to go to work in Guangdong. At the end of August this year, her husband to children is about school grounds, Pian Xiaoli home, and then asked for a divorce. Mary see signs of husband nothing back, then in September 1, 2016 a divorce with her husband. Because of the divorce did not live, her ex husband allowed her to stay at home for a few days. The evening of September 19th, the young woman home with her ex husband, ex husband hold love to sleep in my own bed once slept, and the son of Mary also squeezed in a small bed. Shame and grief emotions grow full, eventually, Mary took out a machete hanging on the wall, the sleeping husband chopped knife…… At present, Mary suspicion of intentional injury crime criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章:

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