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Media: Deputy Secretary of the district was killed by this boat swim what Sohu news wrote | high Yuyang editor | Fu condensate afternoon of September 10th 6 more minutes, Sichuan city of Ziyang Yanjiang Secretary Cao Xiuguang in the city of Jianyang Sancha Lake scenic area when swimming, was killed the boat crash. Yanjiang city Ziyang District People’s Government Information Office official micro-blog Yanjiang today confirmed the news, September 11th at 12:35, "today’s Yanjiang" micro Bo said, Cao Xiuguang in the city of Jianyang Sancha Lake Island Leisure Road "the old shipyard" near water swimming exercise, sudden accident, suffered a speedboat hit died. Jianyang police have been investigating the matter. Many people are online questions, when swimming exercise was killed by boat, how is it? Political know (WeChat ID:upolitics) to give you a detailed analysis, this may be a few kinds of trends. In Jianyang, the official news of the accident was released earlier in Jianyang, the police in Ziyang, some people may be prone to frequent chaos in Jianyang and Ziyang. Give you a haircut, Cao Xiuguang is the Deputy Secretary of Ziyang City, Yanjiang District, Ziyang city of Sichuan province. Jianyang is a county-level city, Jianyang City, 1994 by the prefecture level city of Neijiang started in 1998 by the escrow escrow, Ziyang area, Ziyang area in 2000 changed to the prefecture level city of Ziyang, in May this year, Jianyang city and Chengdu city hosted by. That is to say, Jianyang and Ziyang are very close, and Ziyang has hosted Jianyang city for 18 years until May of this year. The unfortunate encounter Cao Xiuguang is a leader of a district in Ziyang. Cao Xiuguang, according to public information, Cao Xiuguang served as vice mayor of Yanjiang District, Ziyang City Public Security Bureau Yanjiang District branch, Yanjiang district committee secretary until September 2013, transferred to the Deputy Secretary of the district. Yanjiang district government official website shows, Cao Xiuguang is responsible for building, agriculture and rural areas (poverty), the deepening of reform and the rule of law area, the United Front, foreign affairs, tourism and other work, in charge of the district office, district office, District Government Offices Administration between the NPC and the CPPCC and militia reservists, responsible for the joint meeting convened by the district visits. The area near the temporary pier insider told the government know (WeChat ID:upolitics), there is a temporary boat docks near the waters, usually with many ships, "here are some boats is not formal, is near the village to open his own." Local residents also said the incident area of the lake has often been swimming, especially the summer evening, some swimmers came to swim here. The waters of the incident in September 12th, local media scene to see leisure road is a width of less than one meter long cement road, in a corner of the mouth, with Mingbi after burning ashes, there is blood on the ground. One witness said the incident, he was not far from fishing, 5 in the afternoon, see the lake was swimming, and some people go to the center of the river. At about 6 p.m., the witness heard a cry for help from the lake. Witnesses recalled, when the network相关的主题文章:

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