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Grief-Loss Death is a difficult time. MemDocs will make it easier for your loved ones to take care of business and preserve family memories. We are developing a centralized application, where you will be able to create and organize all your documentation. Your Will, videos, audios, photos, daily dairy, or documentation of your choice will be saved on a cloud. You will have access to it wherever you go, so you can continue working with it. You will also assign your beneficiary, who will execute and deliver the information to your loved ones. This way, what happens to millions of families will not happen to you. We are designing an application where you can create the following for yourself and save your loved ones: Last Will & Testament – Create and Save a Will online or upload a current Will. Letters – Write and Save Letters to your loved ones to be delivered in the future. Documents – Important Documents and Records for your Loved Ones reference Beneficiary: Name the person(s) who will be responsible to release your information to your loved ones upon necessity. Attorney – All your Attorney(s) Contact information Videos – Your memories for your Family or Children to view share in the future Audios – Record messages for your loved ones My Diary – Record your daily, monthly diary Insurance – Save all your Insurance Docs Photo Album(s) – Create your photo albums and access them anywhere on cloud. My Favorites – Save it by Category – like favorite wines, cheeses, things you like to do, etc. Our Goal: Every household should have a will and have access to all important documents. Packages: Base: $15/month (Less than $1 a day) – Pay Yearly and get 5% off Enterprise: $22/month – Pay Yearly and get 7.5% off Premier: $27/month – Pay Yearly and get 10% off The Impact Your contribution will help us create a clear plan for families to prepare for the inevitable. During a time when you should be starting the mourning process, if you have not planned for your family it will not be clear for them how to go about preparing for their future. By organizing your information you can save more time and money for your loved ones and or children who can really miss out by not preparing for the future. You can do this by spending a minimum of 1-2 hours to create a will and input information to place at their fingertips. You can help, it does not have to be monitory, just share our campaign, and let us help families secure their future. Please share our thoughts with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, if you cannot contribute, just get our word out and make some noise about our campaign. THANK YOU Visit Us Online: https://.indiegogo../projects/memdocs-secure-loved-ones-guide-with-memory-docs About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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