Men at game city prizes for the bicycle to steal game currency

Men at game city prizes for the exchange of bicycle steal game currency morning news (reporter correspondent Chen Yaling Ke Zhongming) at the awarding prizes game city bike, man game city several times to rush into danger, theft of game currency, vouchers. In November 3rd, with the An Xiangping police station police through the "Xiamen people" APP software, the theft of game money, integral ticket man arrested. In the past two months, the casino town of Tongan West Ring Road frequently lost game currency and integral coupons. Most of the lost is a game machine in a remote corner. Through the transfer of monitoring, the staff found that a man wearing a flip flops repeatedly in the game of mobile hands and feet. He pretended to play the game, actually holding iron sheets in his hand, secretly opening the cupboard door underneath, and stealing it while nobody was paying attention." Police investigators said that from October 20th to November 2nd, men almost every day to steal, the police will monitor down, and uploaded to the "Xiamen people" APP software, calling for more businesses to pay more attention. In October 25th, the man exchanged a stack of vouchers to the game city and changed a bicycle worth about 500 yuan. Although the staff didn’t recognize him immediately, the recipient was impressed. Rarely seen anyone get so many points." The staff said with emotion. 3 o’clock in the afternoon more than 3, the man appeared again. This time, another worker recognized him at the first sight. "He was a thief who steals the game currency and points coupons."". The staff quickly held him back and called the police. Cheung Ping police station to the scene investigation, the man confessed that he had wanted to buy a bike ride, but no money to buy, think of stealing vouchers and game currency, and finally converted bicycle. It is reported that the man surnamed Cai, 28 years old this year, has been detained by public security. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) >

男子盯上游戏城奖品 为兑换自行车偷游戏币 晨报讯(记者 陈雅玲 通讯员 柯钟鸣)盯上游戏城的兑奖奖品自行车,男子铤而走险,多次前往游戏城盗窃游戏币、积分券。11月3日,同安祥平派出所民警通过“厦门百姓”APP软件,将这名盗窃游戏币、积分券的男子抓获。近两个月来,同安环城西路的某一商场的娱乐城里频繁丢失游戏币、积分券。发生丢失的大多数是一台位于偏僻角落的游戏机。通过调取监控,工作人员发现,一名穿着人字拖的男子多次在该台游戏机动手脚。“他佯装打游戏,实际上手里捏着铁片,偷偷打开底下的柜门,趁人不注意就开始偷。”办案民警介绍说,从10月20日到11月2日,男子几乎每天都会来偷,警方将监控截取下来,并上传至“厦门百姓”APP软件,呼吁更多商家要多关注。10月25日,男子带着一沓积分券到游戏城兑换了一辆价值约500元的自行车。尽管当时工作人员没有立马认出他来,但这位来领奖的顾客还是给大家留下了印象。“很少看到有人能够换取那么多积分券。”工作人员感慨地说。3日下午3点多,这名男子又出现了。这次,另一名工作人员一眼就认出了他,“原来他就是来盗窃游戏币、积分券的小偷”。工作人员很快将他控制住并报警。祥平派出所民警到场后展开调查,男子交代说,他早就想着买一辆自行车骑,但苦于没有余钱购买,就想到盗取积分券和游戏币,最后兑换自行车。据悉,男子姓蔡,今年28岁,目前已被治安拘留。(海西晨报(微博))>相关的主题文章:

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