Mercedes Benz is expected to participate in the 2018 e formula electric game-seaway

Benz will determine in E equation The Verge Chinese electric game station reported on October 4th Mercedes · in 2018; Benz to join the E championship. Today, the German luxury car manufacturer announced that it would retain a seat in the 2018 E Formula One racing championship, and the number of teams participating in the formula E will be expanded from 10 to. And this news a few days ago when the formula E Hongkong station we saw some clues. The E Formula One racing championship, founded in 2014, is an electric formula car race held on the streets of major cities around the world. The "young" tournament was launched, it attracted a number of well-known global auto makers, including Renault, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Citroen and Faraday. In addition, including Nissan and Porsche have expressed interest in participating in the E formula racing championship. This time the Mercedes · Mercedes Benz announced to participate in the competition, it has different meanings. Since, Mercedes Benz in the last century began to participate in the race, especially in the world’s famous F1 racing, Mercedes with the famous British driver Lewis · Hamilton, recently won the championship two tournament. And with many companies intend to participate in the formula E, Mercedes Benz will also be seen as an important part of their future development of electric vehicles. In the just concluded Paris motor show, Mercedes Benz · display their latest SUV electric concept car, and uses a modular architecture, the future will be the conceptual design based on the launch of more models. The formula E championship is not only able to display the latest achievements in the field of electric vehicles Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz can also be used in extreme conditions to improve their electric vehicle technology. "We are delighted to have a new team in the E formula fifth season," said CEOAlejandro Agag, the E formula one championship. "E formula has become a new platform for testing and developing their own electric vehicle technology, and the opportunity to show their products to the world. As the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, Mercedes Benz · joined undoubtedly for promoting this event plays a very important role." It is reported that the E formula electric Racing Championship plan to compete in season fifth will be expanded to 12 teams, but ultimately the decision needs to be combined with all team management institutions and the sport’s vote. (author: Sean O "Kane compiler: Click to view the original Chinese [M) related to the interests of American The Verge works by Tencent Inc, without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章:

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