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[method] LOL play light hand speed? Faker equipped with the S6 world finals week just ended, the Faker Ruiz mad show led SKT again to the LPL world finals, and hard 5 game of the final defeat of the SSG third won the LPL world finals championship. Faker as the love for raze, devil can be a second five Q, so popular hero is Faker playing winning North American King reach the acme of perfection, subsection 85% high. The inner echoes of "fog grass, good abuse" at the same time, the screen before you are like me and broken out his hands, meditation of life. Who knows the mud in the bronze pit! T_T who am I? Why did I open this black and white game? Did you really get a diploma? We have a dream world, hand speed day in and day out…… Even like this…… However, the reality is cruel, sat on the floor, I was so weak, trembling, as if the body is empty. Gaming will be included in the Olympic Games, my body LOL career aspirations blighted, bleak. Haven’t you saved? In fact, I would like to, Faker means we may never do not, but to spend money on equipment, there will surely return, even if the hand speed is not enough, we can not stand a few good set shortcut keys to fix it not to go? So I quickly grilled grilled Faker career with what equipment. The S3 period has been using SteelSeries Siberia V2 headset, red and Faker with No. Key to this headset is not much money to the world champion, in order to bring disgrace on the face of China football earned a 469. Once worn by the Rui Rui Siberia V2 headphones Faker routines are very deep, headphones with race Rui, the keyboard but with Razer black widow. It is said that the use of the version of the Cherry or the axis of tea, did not change today’s Razer green axis, it is estimated that the original bad buy, 549 to a. Table Faker Razer deathadder black widow series of keyboard and mouse is the most common "double snake" (Razer deathadder, double-click the snake is a game player to nickname, because little is more than half a year’s mouse click). Do not know how many years of Faker career, playing double-click the number of mouse? Razer deathadder mouse I’m destined to become the top of the world of men, do not care about this little money, a 329, my first two. Pirate ship HS40 headphones S4 season, Faker completely changed routines, headphones, keyboard, mouse, a full set of pirate ships, it is estimated that the sponsor must use a pirate ship. Earphone HS30229 one. Keyboard K70 LUX sell 979 a little expensive, mouse M45 sell for 319. However, taking into account the SKT in the S4 season, the spring and summer games have stopped the top 8, and finally did not even go into the S4 finals. I reckon that record is so poor, there must be some reason for equipment replacement. Ma, how can I buy a weapon that won’t bring me victory?! After all, I’m the one who wants to win the world championship. To the S5 season, the return, near misses eventually won the championship. You look at this equipment and.相关的主题文章:

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