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Milk stains, oil stains, fruit stains are hard to wash? Experts teach you tips – Sohu since the infant baby washing has become a major problem, milk stains, oil stains, juice stains and pen stains, pigment stains and chewing gum…… Hard work can not wash away! Sometimes obviously washed clean, put a period of time, but it turned out yellow. Also some mother said, laundry supplies store washing liquid, a superb collection of beautiful things, what color stain laundry soap, softener, net…… In the end how to choose, and how to use it? In the last two "open class" kangaroo, kangaroo mother is invited to the washing expert: Cai Ye and Chen Jieying teacher, let us for the baby clothes washing problem, learn how to move, how to choose a ~ Baby laundry supplies? 1, the baby laundry detergent and adults with what is different? Washing liquid laundry detergent for baby and adults are used for different groups of products, common baby clothes are milk stains, stains and other stains slobber proteins invisible, so special baby laundry liquid for children aged 0-3 common stains design, can effectively remove stains protein common in infants. The washing liquid for adults with adult stains and clothing material design, so the characteristics of two different formulations, the stains of different objects, so the removal effect of different stains, each one has its own merits. 2, the baby is four years old, you can use adult laundry wash clothes? Infants and young children are designed for 0-3 years old children and the design of it, the more than four years old children, parents can be based on the common types of stains on clothing, to choose what kind of laundry detergent. If the baby clothes have more milk stains, rice paste stains, etc., it is recommended to use the baby special detergent. If the sweat, dust and oil stains of adult common stains, washing liquid can be used in adults, as long as no residue can rinse. 3, infants and young children’s laundry detergent and soap which is safer? Generally speaking, soap and washing powder is based on the principle of alkaline substances and oil reaction decontamination, and laundry detergent is decontamination by surfactant, so it can remain neutral. Although both can achieve the purpose of decontamination, but because the infant skin more tender and sensitive, and basic to baby skin irritation, so that the choice of neutral detergent in infants. 4, washing liquid foam, can wash clean? Clothes can be washed, in fact, the number of foam is not related to the liquid detergent, laundry detergent decontamination is related to the concentration of the effective decontamination of laundry detergent. Now many foreign high-end washing liquid is made of low or zero bubble bubble washing liquid, so that you can reduce the number of rinsing clothes, saving water and electricity saving. Therefore, the choice of infant laundry liquid, it is recommended to choose a low foam easy to wash the laundry liquid. 5, the more viscous laundry detergent is not washed clean? In fact, the consistency of the liquid laundry detergent washing clothes is not clean, it does not matter. The size can be adjusted by the viscosity of thickener, the cheapest thickener is sodium chloride, is salt, thickener can make more viscous liquid, not what decontamination effect, but the high viscosity of detergent is not easy to dissolve. And laundry detergent.相关的主题文章:

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