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The miracle of warm parrot Princess activity answer questions   miracle warm blood parrot fire suits, people.com.cn game original title: Miracle Princess parrot warm activities answer questions warm blood parrot miracle fire suit in August 25th officially launched the "miracle" [warm] Princess parrot 2 suit set series, [song] and [dream parrot the blood parrot fire]. Get two sets of the method is not difficult, players only need to find the way to find the answer to the puzzle through the tips of the game, after the game to collect clothing materials can be obtained after evolution. Let’s look at the clothing materials Mimian and two set HD mito. — — the puzzle — — armor: hair? Snow song to puzzle:… Sorry, we really not what kaitou! (Princess class) set of components: Handheld gold cage puzzle content: no one is allowed to refer to the only handsome guy! (girls class) suit parts: earrings? White feather letter puzzle: to accompany me to practice once the students! (Princess class) suit parts: dress? Dream parrot song puzzle: let’s go and say hello to jade. (Princess class) set of components: shoes? Free feather puzzle: a girl suddenly popped up! (Princess class) armor: headdress? Pure crest puzzle content: once again with the florist lengao girl met. (girls’ level) suit components: makeup? Belief puzzle: to large ethereal meow head inserted flower seems to become more adorable. (girls class) each puzzle generation refers to a girl or princess level (1 – 6), after the event challenge levels, will have a chance to drop the corresponding components, there will be a prompt answer the first drop after the corresponding components. (challenge will not affect the normal levels fall). After a period of time, [song] dream parrot primary part will go on to form stars shop design. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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